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View Poll Results: Top 3 Neo Geo shooters?

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  • Aero Fighters 2 / Sonic Wings 2

    0 0%
  • Aero Fighters 3 / Sonic Wings 3

    1 6.25%
  • Alpha Mission 2 / ASO II: Last Guardian

    4 25.00%
  • Andro Dunos

    0 0%
  • Blazing Star

    8 50.00%
  • Captain Tomaday

    0 0%
  • Ghost Pilots

    1 6.25%
  • Ironclad / Chotetsu Briíkinger

    0 0%
  • Last Resort

    6 37.50%
  • Ninja Commando

    3 18.75%
  • Prehistoric Isle 2

    2 12.50%
  • Pulstar

    9 56.25%
  • Strikers 1945 +

    2 12.50%
  • Twinkle Star Sprites

    1 6.25%
  • Viewpoint

    6 37.50%
  • Zed Blade / Operation Ragnarok

    0 0%
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    The Neo Geo shmups / shooters thread

    So, we were having a nice chat about some of the Neo’s shmups, let’s carry on and include all of the shooters for the system...

    Please vote for your top 3 shmups on the Neo Geo.

    I’m still loving Bonus Star as my favourite, but I really like shooting dinosaurs in my helicopter (and who doesn’t?) and rescuing all the little mateys. Twinkle Star Sprites just beats out Viewpoint into third place position.

    I’d also like to her some thoughts on the NG: Dev games as I’m looking to acquire the four shooters myself. I was quite impressed with Fast Striker on the Dreamcast so that’s the first one I’m after.
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    Picked up Razion recently and have to say I really like it. Was never really that fussed to try anything else they've brought out shooter wise. Had only previously played Gunlord and a little Last Hope, both of which I thought were awful.

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    I’m not too keen on Last Hope. Gunlord is terrific. Neo XYX is like a Toaplan game on the Neo i.e. great. Razion is very good too. I’ve only recently acquired Fast Striker and I’m enjoying it so far. I’d put Neo XYX and Razion above any of the games in the poll.

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    1. Pulstar
    2. Ninja Commando
    3. Alpha Mission 2

    If someone can hack Blazing Star to remove the "Bonus!" sample, it would definitely be in my Top 3.

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    Never ever felt the love for pulstar and preferred blazing star over it, some of the graphics in blazing star are incredible

    Prehistoric Isle 2 and strikers 1945 plus are also good with a home brew feel to them

    But games like aerofighters are just brilliant but chotetsu is just pish

    My top 3

    3. Last resort
    From the words last resort filling the screen right until you turn it off its charming, difficult but brilliant in its day

    2. Ninja commando
    This game made the adk tamashii worthwhile buying for the PlayStation even more so than ninja masters, so much happening and brilliant

    1. Viewpoint
    Sammy did wonders with the technology and brought zaxxon / raid over Moscow to the AES but with added fish and crabs, brilliant rave style music which really only compares to the over top soundtrack(driving game not the stallone muscle fest) sure its impossible without 100 lives but just awesome
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    Pulstar and Viewpoint are my faves (don't have a 3rd place).

    Pulstar somehow takes me to another place with its ace music and visuals ... and the slow pace makes it a perfect memory shmup.

    Viewpoint is a game I wanted to play since seeing it in magazines way back when. It's a thing of beauty and controls amazingly.

    Both amazing shooters. Both stupidly hard. Both make me always want to go back for more punishment

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    I’ve been putting some more time into Fast Striker this week and have to say it has gone up in my estimation a lot. Ignore the original mode and head straight to maniac. Its like a different game with a proper scoring mechanic and the addition of a secondary beam weapon.

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    Blazing Star looks like they let a 6yr old girl colour it in. Voted Viewpoint, Pulstar, Last Resort.


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