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Thread: Nioh PS4

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonkeyJuggleDX View Post
    Is Emma that bat woman?
    Yes.?with the fan and the paralysis move.

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    Hino Enma is definitely a tough challenge early in the game, such is the amount to learn in her attack patterns and the speed she unloads on you. She took a load of attempts to beat first time round but went down like a sack of spuds in the Twilight mission.

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    Emma is high difficulty purely to mess you up. Her patterns are easy though. High stance beats her every time if you get in first. Summoning is on @ItsThere. You got a WOTD player I guess. Don’t feel bad. You need help at first. The game is nails. WAY more difficult than Souls to start out.

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    The lightning cat also seems to be fairly tough. At least the attacks signpost quite easily, my main issue is that he appears to be insanely strong! Still a great game this is though. A lot to learn as a fresh player!

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    He is a tough one. There's a save point right near him/just outside the gate I missed initially too.

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    Yea, NUC is tough.

    He has a VERY dangerous non (obvious) signed posted move which will nearly kill you if it hits.
    If you hit him in the right spot of his stomach he will lose his electric ability, which is good as he loses some of his moveset.
    However he WILL call this back relatively quickly after losing it.
    When he does this he will spin in a frame and hit you regardless of where you are if you're on top of him at the time.

    Some tips from me...

    When he loses his electricity attack VERY cautiously and keep some distance. As mentioned he will turn on a dime and hit you if you're wailing on him. You can wail for a couple of seconds but then back off and attack cautiously

    Don't be afraid to block his right/left paw attack (stamina providing) it can be a lot safer than trying to dodge it.

    Back right off when he rears back. He's firing lightning down on your head. You need room to move around and you don't want to be dealing with lightning and him at the same time.

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    You can cheese him. Make him knock the fences down and then stand under the hut. He can barely hit you then.


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