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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    October 26th 2018

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    One day one of these grand games of theirs will fail at retail and it will shake them to their foundation. Great games, horrific pipeline.

    It probably says a lot that I'm not that bothered by the delay. I'm sure the game will be amazing but I'd be lying if I didn't admit it'd drifted right down my hype list.

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    I never liked the first Red Dead Redemption! #Controversial

    Maybe they'll release a new table tennis game to fill the gap.

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    October 26th is the same day that:

    1861 the pony express ceased operations
    1881 the infamous gunfight at the OK Corral in Tombstone

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    Surprised they never remastered the first one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by replicashooter View Post
    Surprised they never remastered the first one.
    Never say never

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    They still maintain that RDR's code is too much of a mess to warrant the effort. If it's true that RDR2 contains the entire map of RDR as well then it'd both make a remake easier but also a bit redundant.

    I'd still buy it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nonny View Post
    Never say never
    I'd have expected it to drop before the sequel though considering how port happy this gen was at its kick off but I'd gladly scoop up a copy for PS4.

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    I said this before in other threads, but whilst I would love to be excited for for RDR2, I think it's fairly certain they will implement even more aggressive microtransactions. Recent comments from their CEO about GTAV/Online being 'under monitized' don't inspire confidence (as if they didn't make enough from GTAV!). I imagine the best case scenario is the single player is left untouched (aka GTAV etc.) however that means the game misses out on the organic multiplayer that so many of these games have now.

    So on the back of recent, AAA fudge-ups, I'm not that confident here either.

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    I completely agree.

    I have literally just said the same thing to a friend who noted it is delayed that I suspect it's purely for online tweaking and maximising profit.


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