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Thread: PVM Monitor

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    PVM Monitor

    Where's the best place to get one from? I want to ideally get a Sony 20inch to replace my existing Trinitron.

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    I found mine through

    I was only looking for a day or two but found a seller in Germany.

    My advice would be to find one that you're willing to pick up. Don't trust any courier. UPS smashed the bezel on my first one, then bashed the second one so much so that the colours were irreparable. Thankfully the guy was understanding, and also had a ton of replacements. I had to drive a total of 1,300km in a round trip to pick up the third one in person.

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    (Cut and paste from the old bargain thread):

    I thought I'd post this here. If you're after cheap PVMs and BVMs, this chap has loads of 9", 14", 17" and 20" Sony and JVC monitors for sale. Pretty good nick too. His company also does repairs for the above.

    Prices start at around 50. You can visit him personally and test the tubes etc.

    His name is Giles Bendig - really nice guy. I think he will arrange shipping if the monitors can fit in a flight case.

    Here are his details:


    Telephone: 01737 236395
    Mobile: no: 07801 160303

    Hill House, Furze Hill, Kingswood, Surrey, KT20 6EZ, UK

    Tell him Zaki sent you might get you a better rate.
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    Thanks I'm contacting him now. I want to start running a list of how-to features in the magazine. So a CRT and OSS is perfect for how to get your games looking as good as possible.

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    Sounds like a great idea for an article. It's interesting (to me anyway) how the 'feel' of retrogames has completely changed through playing them in HD (or even through PVM). If you were to fire up Wizardry via an emulator on your high def. monitor, you'd be presented with this chap below... and you'd be forgiven for thinking that it was a cartoon-styled game, with rough (even for the time) 'pixel-art' enemies. I'm not criticising, as there's no right/wrong way to enjoy games. I'm just suggesting that artists weren't going for the 'minecraft' look.

    The intention was to create a realistic monster... pixel art wasn't the objective... it was used with the CRT to create this:

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    That's one of the best examples I've seen. There are a lot more out there, but the artists definitely used the colour bleeding nature of the horizontal scan to their advantage.

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    Some tips I have picked up to try and pick up a decent set

    Try and demo it. Ask the seller to have it running before you get there. That way you can check for tube issues / G2 voltage issues for brightness - usually the sign the set has had a hard life if the black level is bad. If set is heavily buzzing / weird clicks / popping sound) it may have issues. Some sets need a good warm up for things to settle. Some of these sets are 30+ years old and there is still a lot of junk out there.

    look out for excessive screen burn (especially 16:9 burn on a 4:3 set and VT markers. I saw a set with a pretty big crosshair burnt into the center of the screen) and check for screen damage (I have seen some with really bad scratches /dings in the glass). Some may have a anti glare coating - the ones I have haven’t, but not sure about later models.

    Bring a scart /bnc breakout with you and test a console running, have a look through the owners manual (these can be found on pdfs on the internet) as you may have to change the sync and input. If the you or the seller don’t know how to change it, you won’t be able to test it properly.

    You can check the hours on a bvm pretty easily too. I think Sony tubes were changed around 30000hrs, but I wouldn’t personally buy anything with 70000+ on it.

    These things are heavily - especially the 20” if you have a bad back I would strongly recommend a second person to lift it. Also make sure you have furniture strong enough to support it - one of my Ikegamis is 38kg...

    Display technology - Shadow mask or aperture grill? I love the later. TVL ( tv lines) make a Big difference How sharp or soft the image is. You really can’t beat the sonys though. multiformat monitors can do SD and HD, But are hard to find and expensive. In fact prices for all broadcast monitors seem to be on the up, as retro gamers realise that scalers and consumer sets, don’t offer the same image quality

    Regarding delivery- have only had one set out of over 10 broadcast/pc monitors that arrived damaged - they are fine to transport, but need to be packed up properly/or in original box if possible. My f520 arrived in perfect nick and that is a beast! 90% of what I own was bought off eBay, but I have been lucky to demo a fair bit too.

    i’ll add some more later
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    Quote Originally Posted by Strider View Post
    Thanks I'm contacting him now. I want to start running a list of how-to features in the magazine. So a CRT and OSS is perfect for how to get your games looking as good as possible.
    Are you going to cover SD plasmas too? Even though I own a few high end CRTs I have switched to using a SD plasma which I feel is better than a CRT. No scanlines means you get to see the output of the console without the limitations of the CRT display technology.

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    Nope. They're perfect. With a low footprint and low power consumption.


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