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    Public etiquette check- what was the right thing to do?!

    Was in a public pool earlier doing a usual workout, then I happened to notice a rather good looking young womans boob had popped out of her top.

    After the initial excitement, Id noticed other blokes had noticed the same thing, including some teenage boys.

    The thought occurred to me that someone should tell her. I looked about and she seemed to be on her own, and thought whether I should let her know- but then, I considered, Id look a pervert for noticing :|

    After some thought, I decided Id not say anything, finished up my workout and left.

    What was the right thing to do ?! Over to you Bordersdown!!

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    How far would you have to walk to tell her? That's just academic really I guess.
    Walk backwards over to her to try and shield her from view and tell her over your shoulder without looking, then walk away after she's fixed it without looking back.
    Or tell another woman to go and let her know.

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    I couldn’t see any other women, and the pool attendants were all blokes hahah

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    Pics or it never happened!

    I'd have gotten her attention and pointed at my own chest discreetly.

    Had a similar thing happen on Oxford Street. A girl had her skirt caught on her bag, so you could see half an arse.

    She was embarrassed but grateful that I pointed it out. YMMV.

    Personally, I'd rather someone told me my zipper is down sooner than later.

    Spinach between teeth and hanging booger I reserve for friends though.

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    I'd have probably done the same in just saying nothing and trying to ignore it through sheer awkwardness and hope she noticed herself though Zaki's hit the right note at trying to give her a heads up from a far. It's more awkward if, like you say, she's unwittingly got a bunch of guys perving on her so as soon as she's aware it makes it more awkward for her and you're mindful of being grouped in with them.

    Thankfully, I've never had that happen around me. Any similar instances have been intended via flashers or old guys wandering into town starkers.

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    I'd have watched as long as possible, storing the image up as clear as possible for the spank bank later.

    Not really, I'd have said something.
    I always prefer to be told if I'm flying low or there's a bogey hanging out my nose, rather than spend half the day with nobody telling me.

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    Personally I think I would have tried to tell her as discreetly as possible, but it's hard to know.
    Would be be worse if she noticed herself assuming nobody had seen, or having had it pointed out by a stranger.

    I've informed people if they have toothpaste on their chin or are flying low or a bogey incident. I'd prefer it if somebody told me.

    EDIT: Beaten

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    So you’re saying getting out of the pool, going to me locker to get my phone and taking a picture was the WRONG thing to do?

    Damn, feminism and equality is hard.

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    I wouldn't say anything, especially if she was much younger than I. I would feel bad about it, but I've had similar times in the past where I mentioned something similar and had the person grumble at me. It's the whole "underwear is showing" problem - on the one hand it's a courtesy, on the other hand she could suggest you've been staring at her backside. I've had both in the past, so now I just let them get on with it.

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    I think you've over-complicated a silly little moment.

    I'd have either done nothing at all or if I clocked her eye, I'd have looked down at my own teat in a theatrical manner as an indicator she should look down to hers.

    It's like when you see a guy, usually besuited, who's accidentally flying low and the schlong is peeping out. I just laugh and don't say owt. It's the law of the jungle.


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