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    Get ready for a hell of a shock. The original does not hold your hand in the slightest - it knocks it away, steals your beer and stabs you in the back.

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    I played Freedom Unite on PSP quite a bit is it similar? I read the sequels did make some refinements, mind. Loaded this up and it's still pretty cool looking. Looks like Ratholos is the cover star.

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    There's no farm or anything like that, and cash is not easy to get. You have to quest to get whetstones to take with you on other quests. At least that's how I remember the Wii version being.

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    I'll stick to World and collect some PS2, PSP and possible Nintendo versions in the background for fun.

    How you find Double Cross on Switch?

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    Double cross is really good, best MH until World came out.
    The controls are more complicated as there are different combat styles and special moves you can choose from.

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    I've only tested the PS2 version of this and played the demo of the first 3DS one. I really liked them but assumed they were online games so only played them shortly.

    Do any or all offer a rich single player campaign or are they intended as online games?

    Forgive my ignorance but I just ASK these days, saves time n' bother.

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    The Wii ones have online-specific content, the PSP ones onwards are perfectly fine in single player. I can't comment on the PS2 ones.

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    I've heard prospects may be rosy, Wii seems a good bet as well, I've never bought one on Wii.

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    I quite like the idea of collecting a series, rather than something unobtainable and financially draining like buying every Japanese GBA game ever (looks at @ShadowDancer, or was it @MonkeyJuggleDX?).
    @vanpeebles collects all of the EDF games, for example. (just a shame he barely touched 2025).


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