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    Rise of the Tomb Raider

    So after about 12 hours downloading and installing this I've had a chance to sit down with it for about two hours.

    I'm still pretty much at the tutorial stage but so far it does seem to be more of the same but much better, fleshed out and more refined. There seems to be a bigger focus on resource gathering and hunting with practically everything needing some sort of resource, from healing with leaves and cloths to arrows with twigs and weapon upgrades with all sorts.

    I've found that the puzzles seem to hold your hand less too but you've still got the option of the survivors instinct which basically shows you what to do with a push of the Right Stick. Lara also has multiple languages under her belt and as you read and discover more artefacts from different regions her grasp of the language is improved and you can tackle more harder writings.

    The story is interesting and Lara is played out like some crazy antisocial woman which is really well done given what she's gone through but I'm still in the early hours so can't say if that'll change much.

    So far I'm really enjoying it and the game looks absolutely gorgeous and plays pretty well too.
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    I like that you ended your paragraph on language with "tackle more harder writings"

    I bought my Xbone for this, the Fallout4 was announced, so now it's going to be my xmas game!

    Be interested in hearing about the optional tombs when you've done a few

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    I'm playing and typing lol leave me alone.

    Just came back to post about an optional tomb I've just done. Rather then some basic xp and a map of all the treasure like the previous game I learnt about ancient bow techniques and now Lara can shoot two arrows in quick succession before having to draw another. It's also cool how you can see her holding the second arrow ready to shoot.

    Just came across a native and he's asked me do a mission for him. So seems there's optional missions too.
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    I've played through 22% now and I've really enjoyed it. The story isn't anything special, classic Lara and the baddies after the same artefact but I feel invested now after seeing Lara get hit... again... before she could finish saying ****. I do feel the main antagonist is pretty similar to the one from the original, blindly following some random faith.

    Currently I'm at the first main hub, its pretty similar to the mountain village in the first game but larger and with a hell of a lot more tasks to distract from the main storyline however it does feel rather samey and leaves me feeling a little bored after a side mission or two.

    I've also come across a shop selling weapon upgrades and new weapons.

    At this point it feels like the same game because the locations are too similar to the last but with a lot more content, not much has changed just stuff added which is a shame but its not completely bad, the last was fantastic and so far this is too. I guess you don't fix what's not broken.
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    Awesome game and for me the best looking and sounding game made yet to far ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Team Andromeda View Post
    Awesome game and for me the best looking and sounding game made yet to far ...
    Twitter thinks you have been hacked, have you started Friday nite early?

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    Tesco let me down badly. No game but no real loss as fallout is taking a firm grip on free time. Sounds better than the first and that was rinsed twice. Starting to get a backlog of games, not said that for a good few years.

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    It's a decent game, but it still feels like a poor tomb raider game. I do like expeditions though.


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