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    Celeste PC/XB1/PS/Switch

    This last week I’ve been addicted to this game and whilst I see most, if not all of my friends, hammering away at monster hunter world I occasionally see someone playing Celeste, I gently nod in their direction, they of course don’t see this because they are online and not in my front room but I still do it anyway.

    This one has been on the radar for a while alongside Iconoclasts & Dandara, so my expectations were high.
    I’m happy to say that Celeste really is platforming gold, I don’t say this because IGN gave it 10/10 is say it because it’s is.
    Once you play it you’ll be giving it a 10/10 (well hopefully) I know there are people out there who have said they hated the game but I hate to say it, those people are wrong, as much as they like to think they are right, they’re not.

    Celeste is the story of Madeline and her quest to climb mount Celeste, as soon as the game starts and you meet an old lady who lives at the base of the mountain you know it’s not going to be your typical platformer, as soon as you progress from this point the game introduces you to the dash mechanic, you can jump once and dash once in any 8 directions, subsequent chapters will introduce new obstacles to overcome and continue the story of Madeline and why exactly she’s decided to climb a mountain.

    Celeste does stand very well on it’s own but if I had to make a comparison it would be Super Meat Boy or VVVVVV as it has open platforming levels, levels you can sometimes go back and forth between in some areas. The music is wonderful if you like a chip tune also has some nice piano pieces in there also, it really sets the tone for the game throughout. If you race through the story and platform sections, if you’re experienced, it would probably take about 4-5 hours to run through.

    Of course my final playtime was almost 15 hours, there are of course collectibles scattered throughout for that extra challenge, these are in the form of strawberries which are in quite hard to reach spots or even fully hidden on the levels, each chapter also has a B-Side cassette which are usually hidden, B-Sides unlock a harder B-Side chapter which also has a remixed soundtrack of the original tunes, on top of that there is a heart hidden in each chapter which is usually unlocked via completing a puzzle/riddle, there is plenty to do if you want to get 100% and it really will take s whoe to get to that.

    Anyway I’ve rambled on, did anyone pick it up?

    Here’s a gif of some of my mad skills.
    (Took my about 30 mins to get the one strawberry)
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    I'll grab it if/when it's on sale. Looks like something that'd be suited perfectly for the Switch d-pad buttons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dataDave View Post
    Looks like something that'd be suited perfectly for the Switch d-pad buttons.
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    Well I wouldn’t play this game with the joy-con buttons if you paid me.
    I refuse to call it a d-pad because it’s ****ing four buttons!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Family Fry View Post
    Well I wouldn’t play this game with the joy-con buttons if you paid me.
    I refuse to call it a d-pad because it’s ****ing four buttons!
    I play everything I can with them. Puyo Puyo, KoF'98, Sonic Mania... I find them ultra-precise for 2D inputs. Playing Puyo Puyo and KoF with an analogue is the best recipe for failure, I find.

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    I'm really starting to love this game.

    I completed the story mode and I'm now replaying the levels to collect all the strawberries, tapes and hearts.

    I've really enjoyed spending more time on the stages, looking for secrets. I've become really comfortable with the controls now and exploring in more detail has made me really appreciate all the nice touches. The music is great as well.

    Comparisons have been made with Super Meatboy and VVVVVV, both of which I agree with, but the heart puzzles also remind me a little of Fez.

    I was very pleased with myself for solving the radar dish last night!

    I guess I'll have to face the b-sides soon, which may result in lots of suffering!

    It's my favourite 2d platformer for ages though.

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    Glad you’re enjoying it ZipZap, probably going to be in my top games of the year, I’ve still not 100% it yet fully.
    I need to go back to it, probably will have lost all my skills.
    I was just bumping this because it’s currently 20% on Xbox One this week.


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