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    SJWs actually have a wiki

    I stumbled across this and read a bit thinking it was satire and then realised it was the really real deal. 😂🤣🤦

    Obviously not all of you may be as entertained by the Maud Flanders coalition and their antics but it sure did amuse me. Oh and in case you're wondering a "genderbread person" is not PC gone mad but something else entirely:

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    I'm not really sure what is meant to be funny, except the terrible web design.

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    It's all very complicated and most of the hotlinks don't go anywhere so I was unable to find out what the news (to me) words actually meant. In that sense it fails badly as a wiki.

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    Chock-full of so many terms I'm having difficulty finding the motivation to learn/understand(although I am at work and a bit sleepy). This isn't a stab at this wiki itself because I hear these terms online, but there are so many that I don't even know where to begin. I understand basic terms like cis, but it's hard to resist reading ones like trans-exclusionary third-rate feminism without mentally adding II' Turbo to the end

    Levity aside, it's a nice site as a one-stop-shop and, once I get over the pompous tone completely at odds with what I expect to be used for a wiki to be(source of knowledge at least trying to appear neutral), I'll probably go through a few more of the articles to catch up.

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    Wicked word. I was hoping it means to explain something as though you're Condeleeza Rice but it means explaining with condescension.

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    I had to look into the wiki just to find out what a SJW is!

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    I used to confuse it with SRW, Super Robot Wars!

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    I used to take St John's Wort and the online abbreviation used to be that.

    For some reason though, I think of 'Sarah Jessica Walker', even though it should be 'Sarah Jessica Parker'.

    I don't even like or know much about Sarah Jessica Parker and am puzzled why my brain automatically connects the term 'SJW' to her immediately upon reading it.

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    I read someone referring to the Greenham Common Women as protesters 'self-defined as cis non-men'. It does seem like parody but it's all to believable.


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