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    How difficult is it to get a PS2 modded for imports these days?

    Just wondering as my workhorse PS2 is making some seriously worrying noises and I suspect it's on the way out. Part of me really wants to get a slimline PS2 to replace it, but I'm unsure how they are for modding these days.

    I just want something that plays all-region PS2, and ideally PS1 too. All-region DVD would be a plus.

    Last time I looked it was difficult to mod the slim PS2s; is that still the case?

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    I want my US Slim modded, but I have no idea who can mod them.

    As for your PS2, sounds like you just need a new laser/drive.

    Also, I think @Jei has pre-modded PS2 systems for sale.

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    Hi Asura,

    Pop me a PM and we’ll get something sorted whether it be a repair on yours or a new machine.

    Cheers Zaki!


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