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Thread: Sonic Racing 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yakumo View Post
    Close? It wasn't close,. It was better!
    It was, but the 30 fps let the consoles down. Hopfully part 3 will fix that

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    Online Outrun 2 re-release please! I'd quadruple dip.

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    It'll be interesting to see how they can possibly follow Mario Kart 8 without coming up short. Maybe they could have Yu Suzuki riding an inflatable Kickstarter logo as a secret character, that'd be a start.

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    People are forgetting this doesn't have to beat Mario Kart 8 if it's multiplatform. It just has to be good.

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    And I have room in my life for more than one game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Team Andromeda View Post
    It was, but the 30 fps let the consoles down. Hopfully part 3 will fix that
    I agree. I was hoping transformed would make it to the Xbox One X back compat but the dicks opted for the original instead

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    There's now a rumour that this will cut all non-Sonic elements from the series.

    Massive. Fail.

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    That can't be true, surely? That would be nuts.

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    I really, really hope it's not. Sega has always massively overestimated the appeal of the Sonic characters outside of Robotnik, Sonic, Amy, Tails, Knuckles and Metal Sonic.

    Focusing on Sonic for the third game would be such a slap in the face of why Transformed went down so well


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