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Thread: Ridge Racer 8

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    Ridge Racer 8

    With the word that Namco is behind MP4 gaining substance it has added weight to the rumours that Ridge Racer 8 is going to be announced as a Switch exclusive.

    If it is then it seems likely that Namco's Singapore studio is also behind the new entry.

    What do you want from a new true sequel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin View Post
    For it to be good.
    Oh yeah!

    Boourns at being a switch exclusive though. Ps4 is where it should be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman Falls View Post
    What do you want from a new true sequel?
    I don't want a 'true' sequel, I want back to basics: classic RR handling, circuits properly designed around said handling, bright coloured cars that don't try to look too real and a Rotterdam Nation remix.

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    Have the original car designs.

    I worry that the old style gameplay is too simplistic in this day and age and they complicate it and therefore ruin the essence. Keep it old school, lots of retro tracks, new tracks, new and classic vehicles. New modes i.e. Online battles, team battles, bunch TT leaderboards etc. Or pleasantly surprise me. No Unbounded type stuff please.

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    My desires are very boring. I would like a pretty looking RR game with nice tracks that works like the PSP versions or RR7 with a smooth framerate. That's all I want.

    I should really want more because that's really a desire for stagnation but, yeah, a game like that and I'd be very happy.

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    I feel like, even if you aim to make a very traditional RR game in terms of structure, you'd still displease fans as it's almost inevitable at this point that the physics of the gameplay need to change. I'd be happy for something in the style of the 3DS entry but with some proper weight rather than the spin on a dime boxey style of RR7

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    Someone on here once said that the rr7 cars handled like they were on casters and it was such an on point observation.

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    I would like a Ridge game that does not feel like the entries from PSP on. I want a return to varied handling, upgrades and diverse tracks with a bonus for using manual gears.

    The PSP game was amazing in 2004 but every game that followed as identical in terms of gameplay.

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    Agreed. Leave the blue hue brake light trailing PSP, 360, PS3 versions alone now. I miss the vibrant colours of the first 2.


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