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Thread: Ridge Racer 8

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atticus View Post
    I don't want a 'true' sequel, I want back to basics: classic RR handling, circuits properly designed around said handling, bright coloured cars that don't try to look too real and a Rotterdam Nation remix.
    Yep, an updated v1 would be really good, particularly loads of extra's like mirror mode. Keep the original menu music and theme tune as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by replicashooter View Post
    Someone on here once said that the rr7 cars handled like they were on casters and it was such an on point observation.
    That was me.

    There's no weight to the drift. You just push a button and the car pivots.

    I said it was like racing a set of drawers or one of those Disney Cars Micro Drifters with a ballbearing on the bottom.

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    I don't want it to be all weighty and realistic though. The original game was fun first. Simplistic by today's standards of game. It may be a bit too much to ask full price for what we want from this. Maybe a 29.99 Wipe out HD Collection style pricing. I hope Namco arent listening to you Chimp

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    Since when has my opinion held any weight?!

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    Well QC you were on the ball with that call as that is exactly how the cars pivot when drifting in contrast to the cartoonish yet still semi plausible Outrun 2 style. The other issue I had with RR7 was that there was no real sense of speed, you could be crawling along or flying and the only discernible difference was how much blur was on screen.

    Odd because the PSP version didn't seem to be that bad, or maybe it was so impressive seeing something like that in portable form, but the PS3 version definitely missed its mark.

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    The original RR felt and sounded like cardboard box cars. Love it.

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    No boost and snapping in and out of drifts. Much preferred it when each drift was an event.

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    Going to go against the grain here and say I'd be fine with an RR7 style game. Absolutely loved the PSP, 360 and PS3 entries. I've loved every entry really, except Unbounded which I've never played. And Vita which was essentially a demo.

    I'd just be overwhelmingly happy to see an honest to God RR again. A lot here are saying they'd like a retread - I don't personally need it to be that, but to be honest I'd be absolutely fine with it. More than that, I'd be delighted. I really miss this type of game.

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