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Thread: Altered Carbon

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    Altered Carbon

    Read the book and enjoyed it. The TV series is holding up well so far. I've just finished Ep6 - the whole episode was a massive gorefest, really hitting home the idea that the bodies are just "sleeves" and the only thing that matters is the "stack" (brain backup). The last 5 minutes was particularly fun. lol.

    It's a little confusing, but then so is the book. I actually can't remember whodunnit, and whydunnit, so am looking forward to finding out again.

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    We quite like the look of this, going to start it over the weekend.

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    I watched episode 1 last night. Seems decent but I wish I hadn't watched Blade Runner 2049 a few weeks back as drawing comparisons to the world vision this seems like a "made for TV" knock off...

    That said I enjoyed it so will be checking out more.

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    A massive fan of the book thought the 1st episode was ok. SFX and picture quality are amazing, not sold on the bloke playing Takeshi, but I'm willing to keep watching.

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    Am up to episode 7, not overly wowed tbh. Is it my TV or stream but Joel Kinnaman sounds like he has marbles in his mouth

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    Yeah I'm struggling to understand him.

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    Got round to watching ep1 last night, not convinced. Seriously can’t understand what half the cast are saying, and it seemed they were trying to explain so much stuff that it just became a confusing mess. Will try another couple of episodes to see if it gets any better though.


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