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    Ha ha ha!
    I feel your pain.
    The backlog is a constant nag like Salacious Crumb on Jabba's shoulder!

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    Thanks for this. Bought a few months for 3 a pop
    Weird that it seems random though!

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    You have to login to see the 3 discount

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    7.99 for me too, typical MS, can't even get a special offer out right

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    I've gone from wanting to give them a year of cash to nothing.

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    I didn’t get the offer too, apparently it is “targeted”

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    I hate that kind of thing. It's the kind of thing that'd make me sell the entire platform. Not specifically because it's Microsoft either, just in general. It's like special offers for new customers and stuff.

    I haven't had live gold for years. You can bet your life I'd get the 3 quid offer.

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    Yeah it is annoying.
    I imagine similar offers will be fairly regular, so hopefully I can do something like this another time.

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    Targeted offers never make sense. Those who randomly qualify think 'great' then buy it and don't think much else of it but those who are skipped out of it are needlessly royally wound up. Especially when they won't say how it's targeted, just makes the whole thing murky.
    Well, sack it. I'l spend a similar amount on Forza Horizon 4 later this year and at this rate it'll be all MS makes off me anyway


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