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    Double Dragon GBA, Super Double Dragon and the original arcade.

    Anyone play that new one???

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    I did, for a few minutes... loved the throwback to dd2 nes, but it only took a few minutes to show how much better dd2 on nes is.... shame thought, was looking forward to this one.

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    This thread inspired me to play what happens to be my favourite version of DD:

    I did rather crap, not managing to get off the third level. It was those guys in turbans on the bridge that were proving difficult. I normally do better than that and get up to level four but never been beyond it.

    I remember being mightily impressed by the GB version back in the day as until my mate got it for his GB (he had a GB a good year or so before I saved enough from my paper rounds to get myself one), wed only played Tetris and Alleyway for it which by comparison were rather simplistic. Here was a fully fledged arcade game, ported amazingly to the GBs blurry LCD display.

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    NES version for me. It's an adaptation that surpasses the arcade original imo.


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