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    That guitar moment was somewhere in Season 9, the puddle one though was the opener to Season 10 so potentially not much off the current point

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    That Tardis looks crazy. But then as you say, what it looks like there and what it looks like when lit for the show are probably very different things. I also think nostalgia taints my view of the Tardis because I always loved the clean white versions from when I was a kid rather than the dirty modern ones. Although admittedly they looked much cheaper.

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    -Deep Breath-
    The whole purpose of this rewatch, reevaluating the Capaldi run in light of the others being fresh in the mind. It begins with his first episode which sadly returns us to Victorian England, a supporting cast that was never as appealing as Moffatt seemed to think they were and had also run their course. The first half is all about the Doctor's struggle to remember his identity and Clara struggling to come to terms with the regeneration before it swings hard into the main plot and loses focus. The central titled element of holding your breath gets one proper scene barring a no suspense retread later on making it a bit redundant, instead we get verbally told about Clara's personality repeatedly. She has an ego, is sarcastic, self absorbed... still repeatedly uttered by the entire cast as this is all brand new information that directly contradicts everything we've ever seen of Clara up until this point and isn't even reflected in this episode either, so blatant and poorly handled is this attempt to reboot a companion who was plainly now supposed to originally survive the previous season. Capaldi gets a few moments but not too much to work with in his first outing, it's never more showcased than the late scene when Matt Smith's Doctor rings Clara to reassure her from the past. The heavy handed attempt to reassure the viewer too via this scene provides its peak moment but at the expense of undermining Capaldi's debut. Not a bad episode overall but its agenda in resetting elements over shadows the plot too much to ignore.

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