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    Iconoclasts. (PS4, Vita, PC, Mac)

    Hopefully there's someone else playing this as I'm having an absolute blast with it. (Vita version, though cross buy with PS4)

    I suppose if you're going to categorise it then it's Metroidvania, here's a little video -

    I've put around 5-6 hours in to it since buying it yesterday and I'm absolutely loving it. To be fair 25% of that time was probably running around trying to figure out things I'd missed or repeatedly trying to figure a puzzle out, but that'll be due heavily to me not noticing the obvious. The story so far is absolutely awful, but the game itself plays like an absolute treat. At 15.99 I did skim read a review to see if it was positive as I hate wasting money on digital stuff I can't move on, it seemed very positive but did mention the story was only around 12 hours. (I'd imagine it'll take me 20! )

    It looks amazing on the Vita, retro styling really done well, really looking forward to seeing how it also looks on the PS4 when I finally get back to Scotland.

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    That looks the absolute tits!

    I've got some PSN credit sitting there - I think this is what I'll be spending it on.

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    I'd pounce on this if I had a PS4! I only ever played one thing by Konjak, Legend of the Princess, and damn, was it good!

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    Quote Originally Posted by teddymeow View Post
    That looks the absolute tits!

    I've got some PSN credit sitting there - I think this is what I'll be spending it on.
    I think you should definitely give it a bash mate. It’s frustrated me a couple of times trying to figure things out, but those frustrations have far been outweighed by the good, I can’t remember the last time I got so hooked on a game. It really is like a classic retro title.

    I’ve played six hours and only at 21% completion.
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    Totally up for it if they do a Switch version.

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    May as well plop it in here but it has now been confirmed a switch port is in development, with a release date to be announced.
    Developers are aiming for summer. Title will be on show at EGX this September.

    Dev tweeted.

    Gasp, #Iconoclasts is coming to #Switch! I look forward to new people experiencing my game and thanks for support if you did already ��

    I'll be adding to all changing difficulty as you load game, a difficulty that lets you get past harder challenges without dying and Boss Rush!

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    Currently 11.49 on PS4.

    I didn't get round to buying it but will definitely do so on Switch provided the Nintendo tax isn't applied too liberally.

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    Ahhhh. Get higher, baby!
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    Thanks. Just bought this on Vita.


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