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    Retro Arena: 5 Karting Games

    Super Mario Kart - 1992

    Street Racer - 1994

    Mario Kart 64 - 1996

    Diddy Kong Racing - 1997

    Crash Team Racing - 1999

    All of them were popular Karting games back in the '90s. Which one is your favourite?

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    I got very frustrated with Diddy Kong Racing back in the day.

    However the undisputed king of karting games is Rockman Battle & Chase. It isn't actually, but nobody ever mentions it.
    Kept you waiting, huh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leon Retro View Post
    Mario Kart 64 - 1996
    This is my favourite of the list, despite being quite a controversial title.

    I never owned a SNES, and only got to play Mario Kart on other people's machines. The N64 was the first Nintendo home console I bought (and the first console I ever bought with my own money), and this was in the first three games I got for it, right after Shadows of the Empire and Mario 64. I got it very soon after the machine came out, and I owned it right up until I sold the machine years later to buy a PS1.

    I must've rinsed it countless times, but even so, I can still play it and enjoy it today. Yeah, it shifted the focus more onto combat than racing and some people disliked it, but for me it remains the de facto Mario Kart game, and the one that I compare to all other similar titles.

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    1-Mario Kart 64
    2-Diddy Kong Racing
    3-Super Mario Kart
    4-Crash Team Racing
    5-Street Racer

    Though I expect many to choose SMK, a classic though it aged a long time ago so I have fonder memories of the other two Ninty ones despite their individual flaws

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    Of these, I probably enjoyed MK64 the most. But I'd like to give a little love to the PS1 port of Street Racer, which came bundled with my console and which I played loads of. It was actually really fun.

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    None, Power Drift one of the 1st and still the best!!!

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    Yeah, Power Drift. TA beat me to it by 5 mins.

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    I'm actually playing it right now on my way into Amsterdam. The 3D is crazily deep - I can only play with the slider up 1/3 of the way.

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    Ok, I’ll be the textbook reply. Original SMK. I played the new one on Switch a lot and in the end I don’t really get the love for these new ones and their fancy new clothes. (I’ll spare you the blue shell rant) The first one is more fun than all of them, basic looking though it may be, and more fun than anything else mentioned.

    Only my opinion of course, others are available and may vary.

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    I loved Mario Kart 64 and Diddy Kong, but couldn't get into Super Mario Kart.

    I've never played Street Racer - might pick up a copy or two.


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