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Thread: Cobra Kai

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    Predicable, but very enjoyable. Looking forward to season 2 if it gets one.

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    It has one and another who enjoyed it

    Didn't hold much for it to be honest but on its own right it's as good as the karate kid (original)

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    I just finished watching the first series and thought it was bloody brilliant.
    Even the crap acting (at times) was enjoyable
    Can't wait for more.

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    Yeah I concur. It was great. Really tied in with the original movie well and was fun.

    I liked that it showed that Johnny wasn't all bad and that Daniel wasn't a purely innocent party. People have nuances.

    The plausibilty of Johnny not knowing anything about technology or what's going on in terms of social media etc. was a bit suspect for a 50 year old man but there you go.


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