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Thread: Cobra Kai

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    Yeah looks pretty good. Made for YouTube Red which pretty much guarantees I will never see it.

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    Holy ****, how did that end up looking so good. I heard about this ages ago and I expected terrible things, but it honestly doesn't look half bad!

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    It does look decent, and Laruso comes across as a bit of a d...k.

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    I'm still very much unsure about this.

    Yes, it looks well-produced but surely the ship has sailed on this? It's been over three decades since the original film now - William Zabka and Ralph Macchio are genuinely too old to be doing this again!

    All that said, I'd be ASTONISHED if Martin Kove didn't reprise his role as John Kreese in at least a cameo at some point of this.
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    Has anyone seen the short movie called Wax On, Fu*k Off?


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