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    TV|Shark 009: The West Wing

    Set within the administration of the White House and the Oval Office, the personal and political drama's played out for the public to view and dissect. No, this isn't another investigatory expose on Trump's continued failed presidency, it's NBC's hit series:

    The West Wing
    Ran: 7 Seasons (1999 till 2006)
    Episodes: 156 Episodes
    Hoping to help raise the nation better than he raised Charlie, Martin Sheen is the President of the United States in the West Wing. The show received numerous industry plaudits but also endorsements from former members of staff within the White House who appreciated the accuracy of the working depictions the show represented. With complex multi-arc season and character stories, the show navigated Sheen's presidency as he dealt with national and legislative issues. Whilst viewing figures did begin to show wavering signs in the final year, the network and showrunners called time with that run and in doing so prevented the collapse of the audience. This approach to quitting whilst you're head meant the show remains one of the most highly regarded US drama's to air.

    Share your thoughts and memories of The West Wing!

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    Loved it, even when it hit the seasons that people said weren't that good (though the quality did slip a bit). Like most people I emerged from it wishing Martin Sheen really was president.

    It's interesting, though, from a narrative standpoint, as it's one of those shows which had a significant pivot. I won't spoil it (however obvious it is) but one of the characters was supposed to become president eventually, but never did.

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    I'm an easy answer for West Wing, never seen a single episode. Political drama's have never engaged me that well, even the presidential elements of 24 stretched my attention span.

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    Yeah I have never seen it either but I heard great things over the years.

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    It's the mid-week clue for next week's 010:

    Clue: If you couldn't get it up you could say you had...

  6. #6 Flacid Willy a TV show? I didn’t see that one.


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