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    Johnny English 3: Strikes Back

    A full trailer will release tomorrow for this years latest entry in Rowan Atkinson's Johnny English series. The latest film see's hackers reveal the identities of all the worlds spies leaving the government to turn to retired agent English and his old school ways to save the day.

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    This must be a bit of a slam-dunk for Atkinson in terms of pay, as neither of the first two films were stellar - though the first one at least had a few laughs. His performance has been fine, just this is like the Austin Powers version of Space Jam - an entire movie franchise that was spun out of a series of TV adverts, and by god does it feel like it.

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    From what I remember I think Reborn struggled everywhere but China so this one was greenlit and funded via that country making this an easy paydirt for him.

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    Finally, Hollywood makes the sequel we've all been crying out for!

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    Atkinson is looking old. We’re all looking old. We’ll be dead soon. Anyway, this doesn’t look great but I didn’t see the others so I’m happy to skip this.

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    I've never watched a Johnny English movie... I'm going to keep it that way.

    I'll just remember Atkinson as Blackadder or Mr Bean, forget this even exists.


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