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    The Last Starfighter 2

    The script writer of Star Wars: Rogue One has confirmed that he's been working on a reboot of the 80's sci-fi film The Last Starfighter.

    He released some concept images of what he's been playing around with:

    He also confirmed he's been working on the script with the writer of the original film who also partially retains ownership of the ip. It sounds like it's loosely connected to the original ala Jurassic World so is technically a sequel.

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    Ok Hollywood is really starting to run out of stuff to reboot. But The Last Starfighter was one of my faves as a bairn so I’d be up for modern interpretation. The design of the early CGI fighters in the original are excellent and have enough space for modern reworking that could still be faithful.
    I look forward to seeing more about this develop.

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    One of my favourite sci fi movies as a kid. It would be this or Flight of the Navigator in the top spot for me... But they're different enough movies and age groups I'd give them equal praise.

    This just doesn't need to happen.

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    This never really stayed with me as a kid, I saw it round about the time Halley's Comet came around, I think I watched it twice and didn't rate it.

    I put it in the same category I put Flash Gordon in, not even in the same league as the 80s Buck Rogers TV show (which was funky n brill).

    Natch. Leave it in the bloody 80s, ffs, remake Re-Animator or summat.

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    War Games. Even War Games was better.

    In fact, War Games was quite good. Much better than this. Anyone ever see Evilspeak? It was *kinda* like War Games had it been a video nasty.

    They should remake Evilspeak.

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    Sacrilege! Flash Gordon is 80’s perfection. Crap hunky male lead. Tick. Heavily made up women. Tick. Awesome soundtrack. Tick. Genuinely decent actors hamming it up. Tick tick. A Blue Peter presenter. Tick. And, of course, Brian Blessed.

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    Loved this as a kid, can see (for once) how another might actually be good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JazzFunk View Post
    War Games. Even War Games was better.

    In fact, War Games was quite good. Much better than this. Anyone ever see Evilspeak? It was *kinda* like War Games had it been a video nasty.

    They should remake Evilspeak.
    I haven’t but I love Wargames. I’ll watch it, thanks!

    I recently watched From Beyond based on you posting about it Jazz, highly enjoyable.

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    The original was one of my favourite films growing up. @Blobcat and I watched it earlier this year after she got me the Blu-Ray for Christmas (she had to import it as there's no UK version); she'd never seen it before so I was surprised to see it holds up very well.

    I think Starfighter works because despite the sci-fi plot, it actually has a very simple premise with which most people can identify; well, those of us who grew up in a period of recession in a pretty backwater place. Star Wars had the typical sci-fantasy idea of the young hero who gazes off into the distance and imagines going out into the universe, but for Starfighter, that was the movie. The entire thing was build around that one emotion, that "coming of age melancholy", when you hit your late teens and you realise the world around you, which was always fine before, starts to feel "small".

    It was also very well paced and scripted. I remember the line:

    Alex: "You've got the wrong person, Centauri. I'm just a kid who lives in a trailer park."
    Centauri: "If that's what you think... Then that's all you'll ever be."

    I actually think it's a fantastic film for young people with a very positive message - not that you can go off and become a soldier by playing videogames, but rather that you can find yourself in the strangest of places if you have the courage to try, and a little bit of help.
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    I remember the film but it's always occupied a little corner of my mind rather than be anything I'm fond of, a bit like Flight of the Navigator. It felt too much like another SW knock off in too many places for me to care much about it, despite the sci-fi elements it was the image of him playing the arcade machine that stayed with me most.


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