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    Finished Discovery and... I really enjoyed it. It's a proper strong effort and I like the style, tone and changes that have been made to make this incarnation relevant. For me, they were mostly nailing it until the Alt-Universe storyline hit which seriously crippled their momentum. It was fine to get through but reeked of being shoehorned in, presumably when the shows episode run was extended. Hopefully Season 2 avoids that pitfall as this was a great building block season to launch off.

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    The show has lost two of its showrunners apparently due to poor conduct

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    Doing the rounds is Patrick Stewart seemingly potentially hinting at some personal involvement in Star Trek: Discovery soon. There's also another rumour doing the rounds that two of the first seasons show runners are pitching early work at CBS for another Star Trek spin-off show that would feature Stewart in the lead role once again as Picard.

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    First trailer for Season 2

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    They're keeping it secret but the showrunners have confirmed that Spock will be in Season 2 and they already cast the role with Quinto not playing the young Prime version

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    Some dude is new Spock!

    I don’t know him but he looks pretty good. I just feel weird about there being several Spocks and not one of them being Leonard Nimoy.

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    That's because there aren't several Spocks. There's Leonard Nimoy and imitator wannabe fake Spocks.

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    Yeah, I think I would tend to agree. We seem to have made everyone replaceable, disposable and the likes of Bond or Batman are used to justify this but the likes of Spock or Han Solo or Michael Knight or whoever aren’t the same because they were defined and certainly in part created by the actor. It’s not just a costume to be put on.

    I have enjoyed the movie Treks and other things where people have been replaced but, ultimately, I agree with you.


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