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Thread: It: Chapter Two

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    It: Chapter Two

    The second half of the mega-hit horror adaptation continues to move towards filming and following Jessica Chastain entering talks to play grown up Bev, word is that Bill Hader and James McAvoy are also in talks to join the film.

    I don't mind the choices but for a film like this I'd have preferred unknowns to maintain the tone of the first chapter

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    Thankfully they're currently steering away from big names for the adults in this sequel. James Ransome has been confirmed to be playing the grown up version of Eddie, based on appearance it's quite good casting

    Andy Bean has been cast as Stan. This mostly leaves Chastain, McAvoy and Hader as the most recognisable faces joining the movie.

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    First chapter was poop anyway :-(

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    Australian actor Jay Ryan has been cast as the grown up Ben

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