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    The 3DO GameGun - how accurate is it...?

    So I recently got a couple of 3DO games and this American Laser Games gun for a very decent price....well, at least I hope so because it's pretty difficult to get an idea what stuff is worth nowadays. Anyway, I have a few questions:

    1.) First I tried calibrating the gun, and the final shot into the center of the target made a bullet hole quite a bit to the right of it. I don'tknow if that's normal and maybe the gun is calibrated afterwards....during the actual game it felt rather spot-on. This was the case in all three gun games I have, and it's a bit irritating.

    The games are "Crime Patrol", "Drug Wars" and "Space Pirates", by the way, and I'm playing on a Bang & Olufsen MX8000.

    2.) However, while it felt like the shots were hitting what I was aiming at, several times an enemy survived my shots and killed me. This happened in all three games so I never got too far....maybe a few minutes in with each. So is there a problem or do I just have to get used to the gun?

    3.) Speaking about hardware, another game of those 8 I bought is "Demolition Man". I remembered that it was also supposed to have lightgun support, and surely enough that first shooting stage is a chore with the standard controller. let's use the gun! But I also need a controller for selections and plug the gun into the controller, right? doesn't fit. And neither the other way around. I pushed the gun plug as much into the port on top of the controller as I dared but nothing registered.

    I have the launch model controller, US Panasonic FZ-1, if that helps. Also got an FZ-10 PAL controller somewhere but would that make a difference...?

    Regardless, the gun itself is pretty awesome! It feels nice, especially the metallic trigger.

    Thanks for any pointers / opinions!
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