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    I'm not saying that it is directly tied into these X-Men films (the links between them are barely solid anyway compared with the neat and tidy MCU) - it's then lumping it in with the MCU that feels wrong. I don't see it being integrated into the MCU any time soon. If it's an orphaned series, it's more suited to in here than the MCU threads.

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    Till Marvel make a post-merger decision I've refolded Deadpool back into the XCU pool.

    Of all things I'm most surprised by Fox still bothering with Gambit. No idea why even without the merger.

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    Final trailer is out for Deadpool 2:

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    I really hope this version of Deadpool gets folded in, along with X-Force. Seems a great way to get X-Men into Marvel films.

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    It'd be very easy for them to do. If they don't then I assume they'll sever it at the least from the XCU completely.

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    In spite of what they are doing on TV, I think that the R-rated nature of Deadpool will have Disney keeping it at arm's length from the rest of the movie MCU. But yeah, I also see it being split from X-Men. I'm just amazed they haven't canned all those upcoming X-Men movies. I wonder if there is a clause in the Fox deal which means they just can't wipe the slate clean.

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    I imagine so, especially with the small risk of it falling through. The second the ink dries though I imagine everything not already filming will get wiped clean from the slate and is also really much of the reason their 2018 slate has been stretched out so thinly over next year too. Loads of commenters have said about New Mutants getting pulled to a streaming service if the deal gets confirmed and I can see that happening considering the bad air around it. That would potentially make Dark Phoenix the closing entry though Gambit still seems an oddly alive project.


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