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    Following TJ Millers recent issues with being charged with phoning in a fake bomb alert and sexual misconduct/abuse claims Reynolds has stayed quiet on the matter though he has now confirmed Miller won't be involved in X-Force. Whether Miller returns for Deadpool 3 will rest on Fox/Disney it seems

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    Reynolds says he isn't sure Deadpool 3 will happen and if it did in what form. He says that the character has potential in terms of team ups and working with other characters but to continue making solo movies means keeping the character stripped back with no budget or access to anything else in order to keep it pushing boundaries and that can get harder as it goes on.

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    Deadpool 2 is marked to potentially open to $350m worldwide. The total would mean the film was almost halfway to matching the previosu entry in one weekend if it hits the mark.

    Another tie in vid was also released:

    And Reynolds snuck on to a Korean masked talent show singing Tomorrow from Annie:

    I enjoy that last vid far more than I should

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    Fox is still aiming to get the Gambit film nobody is asking for off the ground for some reason

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    Deadpool 2's writers go into some spoiler territory when explaining what to expect in the Director's Cut that runs 12 minutes longer. They also confirm that everything seen in the post-credits sequences is canon.

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    So, Deadpool 2:

    After watching the film I'd place it as 'okay'. When the original came out I enjoyed it but a rewatch heavily diminished the experience as the joke is pretty much the crux of the movie. With this sequel I needed it to deliver more of an actual structured movie in order for it to stick the landing and prove more of these are fine to make and it does that... just. The humour, is okay, there's some good stuff in there but it's more the moment to moment humour than the actual central running gags. The film too often relies on being infantile with cheap shock jokes or doesn't know when to let off the gas. There are a few joke scenes in the film that feel like they start, are amusing, then stop being amusing, then still go on even more. It repeats jokes too much too and leaves a bit of a feeling that unless they find new material this isn't a series that should run and run.

    The core plot works well though, it's not deep but it serves the character well enough. I know why they went with the plot they did but it creates scenes with some decent emotional heft to them which a character like Deadpool needs as without something to ground him he'd get old fast. The aspects I'd have liked to have seen more would have bothered me if I didn't know what films were coming up though I feel I shouldn't need a release schedule to excuse this one.

    I'll be interested to see what a rewatch does for this film down the line but overall, it was decent - an improvement - but just alright overall.

    BTW - Read over on Era, if it's true, that the test showings of Dark Phoenix may suggest it's so bad people will take on a new appreciation for Last Stand.

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    Speculation time peeps. So Disney and Fox will be merging meaning the X-Men and Fantastic Four will be free to join the MCU... which let's be honest... will happen at some point.

    We have two filmed projects waiting to release after multiple delays, the Deadpool arm which is already set to continue though realistically presumable unconnected to anything and then the awaiting projects such as Kitty Pride and the higher profile Tatum led Gambit film. You're best prediction of how this shakes out?

    Me? That'll be an awkward phonecall to Tatum's agent...


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