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    TV Shark 012: Family Guy

    Family Guy
    Ran: 16 Seasons (1999 to Current)
    Episodes: 304 Episodes
    Despite a cancellation, the show continues to air with its seventeenth season looking to air later this year. The show started amidst criticisms of ripping off a certain other five strong family animated show but broke through that to build its way up to being a huge hit of its own. The show, both in favour and against it, uses a cruder form of humour and heavily deployed sketch cut away's in its humour. The show even proved popular enough to wrangle Lucasfilm into letting them parody the original Star Wars trilogy though recent seasons have suffered a decline in figures raising questions as to how long the Griffin's can avoid the axe.

    The Cleveland Show
    Ran: 4 Seasons (2009 to 2013)
    Episodes: 88 Episodes
    There was a run of time with McFarlane where it felt like he was trying to make a successor hit to Family Guy by throwing TV and Movie s*** at the wall and seeing what stuck. This was the sole direct spin-off of the show following Cleveland as he moved out of town into his new family. The show managed a four year run but never made a big impact with the characters ultimately being rolled back in to the main show after Fox grew wary of its viewing figures, figures the main show now approaches close to.

    Share your thoughts of Family Guy!

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    Used to absolutely love it and there are times when it's on ITV2 and I'll watch an episode or two but I no longer make time to watch the latest episodes.

    Mrs Pennyapple, however, is comedy gold!

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    It is still brilliant on its 16th Season. Th last several weeks have been absolutely brilliant and some of my favourite episodes in years. I can't even watch the Simpsons, in comparison.

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    I enjoyed it at first, it built up a good momentum up until Season 4ish I think or whenever the cancellation was. When it came back it took a little time to settle into the groove again but managed 3-4 more solid seasons. Then it became... I dunno, just hard to watch. It was far too much like a bad parody of itself and I tuned out 3-4 seasons ago.

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    I love it but I find these days I can't watch more than 3-4 episodes without being numb to it... One or two episodes at a time is the perfect amount for a quick laugh.

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    Clue for next weeks thread:

    Clue - A God-Awful Small Affair

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    I'm not sure where to watch Family Guy these days. Is it ITV3 or is that just American Dad?

    There's been some classic episodes, such as the one where Quagmire discovers there's porn on the internet and he goes missing for days, only to reappear dazed, exhausted, unused to sunlight and has one spindly arm and one massive one. I also liked the one where Brian can't understand why Quagmire doesn't like him and he makes this massive speech. Also - "ROADHOUSE!" and the VR episode where Stewie finally kills Lois.

    I can take it or leave it now for a few reasons.

    I try not to be a delicate snowflake, but I just don't find some things funny.
    There are a lot of rape jokes in there, which is a surprise after Seth McFarlane claimed he knew about the likes of Harvey Weinstein's behaviour, but still has jokes like Quagmire drugging his dates, forcing himself on Marge Simpson and dragging uncoscious women away or Peter saying he was raped or several times using the "she was asking for it" line.
    The whole "prom night dumpster baby" song made me uncomfortable.
    I'm guessing that none of the writers have had to face a relative suffering from a degenerative health condition, based on all the Parkinson's jokes aimed at Michael J. Fox.

    There's a sequence in the Simpsons where Bart bemoans that he's reduced to just a catchphrase then loads of characters just appear to say their iconic lines and stare at Lisa until she relents and says "I'll be in my room".
    When Family guy came back after getting axed it felt like they'd taken any depths to the characters and made them really one dimensional. Peter went from a bumbling oaf, yet loving father (maybe not to Meg) to somebody dangerously stupid. Lois was a stereotypical TV mom, but had layers where she'd do anything for her kids and had a saucy side, but they turned her into a pornstar nymphomanic and drunkard. Stewie's humour no longer is based around him being a talking baby genius with matricidal tendencies but just that he's gay.

    Finally, I found South Park nailed it on the head with the phenomenal pair of episodes "Cartoon Wars" where Cartman hates Family Guy and goes about trying to get it pulled under the pretence of it being an insult to Islam.
    It's actually a really clever examination of terrorism and free speech, but also has loads of digs at the simple pop culture jokes of Family Guy like "More tea, Mr. T?" and "You think THAT'S bad Remember when I auditioned to be David Hasselhoff's car?" - cut to Hasselhoff jumping on Peter's back whilst he smiles with a swooshing red light for teeth.

    Cartman is taken to see Family Guy's writers, which turn out to be a group of manatees in a large tank. The placid aquatic mammals "write" the show by selecting from a vast supply of "idea balls," each with a noun, verb, or pop-culture reference on it. A set of five is used to create each one of the show's set-piece gags.


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