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    VGA box/SLG3000 are now sold.

    Samurai Spirits 2 AES £35 shipped. Inner part of case is split both ends, tray has small crack.

    PSP bundle £sold

    I'm willing to go for a straight £500 on the Megadrive lot too...

    And £120 for the 6 Master System games.
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    I have tidied up the first post and removed loads of sold items. All the remaining Master System, PC Engine and Gamecube games are now sold. I will sort the Saturn list out shortly and add PlayStation 1 and 2 games.

    NTSC-J 9000 series. Minty. £120 with remote pad and memory card. Also got an RGB Scart lead and some brand new component cables.

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    I have finally updated the Saturn list with what's been sold and prices.

    Also, quite randomly... 18 replacement Game Gear cases and a Master Gear converter. I don't know... let's say £20 for the lot?

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    PlayStation games now added to first post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by _SD_ View Post
    PlayStation games now added to first post.
    Is Castlevania Chronicles in good condition and with spine? Have been chasing this one for years.

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    Popped you a pm this afternoon, did you receive it mate?

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    All messages replied to. Will add PS2 games over next day or so.

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    PlayStation 2 games added, removed any sold PSone games.

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    Can I take spectral vs generation and pochi and nyaa please
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