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    The screen could have maybe been 5”, but it looks functional enough in the video. For me it’s the on-board controls that is the problem. They could have made the bottom panel slightly wider maybe. Stick a little larger and spaced the buttons out some more. It looks like intensive games might be hindered by it.

    External controllers are all very well, but that kinda defeats the object of it all. The controllers look look like they might be decent with the new design, but I still think that they should have just made a mini AES with full-sized sticks and been done with it.

    It it is very SNK though. Novel for sure.
    Kept you waiting, huh?

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    I’ll be picking one up for sure as I love the novelty factor, even though I will probably carry on using my Switch for playing Neo Geo games. The biggest disappointment for me though, and its the same with all of these classic mini consoles, is not being able to legally purchase and add other games to the initial selection. I really hope that if this is successful that SNK do a new Neo Geo Pocket mini with all of the games for it.


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