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    I tried Killing Floor 2 out on PS4 last night
    I'd tried it on PC before but I found I enjoyed the PS4 version more. That being said I did get bored quite easily, the core gameplay loop is too basic which is typical of horde/wave shooters. There's lots of action but very little meat to the games bones so I don't see it lasting with me.

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    Played the tutorial level then deleted the game. Not my thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    Ha! Sorry, I wasn’t getting defensive! It felt like they thought of the jumping car mechanic and built a story around it and I meant it's not bad, considering!

    Stuntman is a different beast.
    It's like Guitar Hero, you can fumble through to the end quite happily, but stringing together a perfect run is so rewarding.

    I recently downloaded the DLC as it was cheap and found myself not only playing every level in one sitting, but getting full marks on every one and then going on in getting on the high score tables!

    I think I generally prefer the original game's levels, but the stunt stringing and better graphics make for a much more polished experience.

    I loved this Golden Gun homage at the end of this scene!
    Haha, no on the contrary I love your passion for the game QC!

    You're making me want to play Stuntman on PS2 now as well :l might have to give both a burn. More Driver last night and I think I've unlocked the last area. It's a really fun game, I rate it highly. In fact I'm looking forward to going home and playing it right now!

    I really wish there were more games like this. The cheesy story is great - I've realised that these days, I actually really need stories in games. Unless it's Mario, or something arcadey like a shmup, I just get bored otherwise. I honestly don't think I'd have the stamina for a proper racing game these days, as they just feel too sterile. I need a narrative to pull me along.

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    PS2 Stuntman is nails. I remember the last level being insane. Watched a video after were chatting about these games and it's stunt after stunt.

    Ignition is a lot more forgiving with just completing the mission enough to continue and an easy more to boot.

    Again, I agree with everything you've said. I don't want to drive in circles, I want to jump an open drawbridge (and Tarzan from a vine).

    One of my fave PS2 Stuntman levels is from the Blood Oath shoot. There's the turbo-charged tuk tuk missions and one of the nicest cars in the final part, but this one is great as it sees you driving off the motorway into an office, and out the other side onto a waiting truck.

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    You're making me wanna retry Stuntman, QC. I had it back in the day on the PS2 and found the extreme difficulty/long and frequent loading time combo quite hard to take and ultimately gave up early and traded it straight back in. But it was immediately evident that it was a very high quality game. I will re-pick this up from Cashies, it'll be a quid or likely less!

    Been back to an old fave. Red Faction Guerrilla on PS3. Installed it last night, this is one of the best times you can get, last gen wise.

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    JizzFunk: You have a 360? Found I still had Stuntman Ignition kicking around the other week (thought it had gone to charity already), you're welcome to it for postage price.
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    Lots of family fun time on the Switch with MK8 Deluxe and Arms (which is quite the workout )

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    Making such arduous progress in stuff has meant I've deleted quite a lot off the PC to save space and just focus down. At the moment, till I sort out the console buying situation I have just these three installed to chip at:

    -Nier: Automata
    -Tekken 7
    -Blackwood Crossing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman Falls View Post
    -Nier: Automata
    That's a fab game mate, hope you enjoy it.

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    Cheers, first impressions are good but I'm literally right at the start as getting a solid hour or two free atm is a pain and it's the kind of game that deserves proper focus


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