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    Took me ages to find my feet in Fallout 4 last night. I watched trailers for the 5 DLC releases I'd missed and only 2 look worthwhile so it shouldn't be a long revisit, I've just started picking through accrued missions and am now in Vault 88

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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    It's about 10 second hand in the UK!

    Just get the base game and keep an eye out for sales of the DLC, which has happened once, so could happen again, but there's plenty of content without it.

    5 months I've been playing it!

    Also, be aware that, for the first time, Bethesda's GotY edition doesn't have discs, it's the unpatched game and download codes. It's only got a score of 1 on Amazon because of this.
    I'm pretty much all digital these days, too lazy to get up and switch discs! Yes shocking I know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cutmymilk View Post
    Is anyone else playing South Park?
    No, but I've got my eye on it. Gives me a bit of an Earthbound vibe looking at it. I'd have bought it on PSN if prices were in line with retail pricing

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    Just finished Life is Strange Before the Storm episode 2.



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    Still Dark Souls III. Finished Archdragon Peak and now I'm onto Lothric Castle. Originally tackled this at level 73 and struggled - it's much more manageable at level 89 . Been rinsing through it tonight, thwacking mofos all over the place. I'm wearing the Eastern Armour and the Aristocrat Mask and I look like a GD pimp too.

    Oh, and I finally upgraded my Uchigatana katana to the max +10, oh yes. Dark Souls nerds, it's also sharp infused.

    This game is sublime! Should be on track to finish before Mario drops next Friday too. 67 hrs so far, all optional bosses defeated.


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