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    Polymega multi emulation device

    Quite clever and looks nice too:

    Not an FPGA but uses "Hybrid Emulation" which is described as:

    Could you explain what makes "Hybrid emulation" so special?
    Without going into an extreme technical explanation (you can read that here), Hybrid Emulation allows emulators to read cartridges and controllers electrically so that they function like the real consoles did when they're connected to a modern system on a chip (SOC) style processor. So, instead of dumping the ROM file from the cartridge and holding it in resident memory as other consoles do, we read the data that is input and output from the connectors on the Element Module directly to the CPU at a "bare metal" level like the real systems. This means we never have to guess what's happening inside the cartridge, significantly increasing compatibility with homebrew cartridges and other special types of games that aren't likely to work well on a 100 percent emulation system.

    Wonderful aesthetic and I really like the idea as I think this is the future of retro systems if anyone actually manages to pull it off without being vaporware or just plain crap.

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    So CPU and GPU are still 100% software. Can make use of super FX chips on Yoshi SNES etc. Not bad, depends how good software emulation is I guess, which in theory could be as good as FPGA. Nothing stopping it really.

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    I genuinely thought you'd made the name up!


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