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    H1Z1: Battle Royale - PS4

    Anyone playing this?

    I've been playing since Tuesday. It's great fun. Looks full as, but team up with friends and you'll have a right laugh.

    The rounds are shorter than the likes of PUBG and Fortnite. Which i like. There's no menu diving into item management either. The game is streamlined for console. I recommend.

    Free to play.

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    Haven't tried but was going to. By short rounds...

    How short though? Fortnites are very short and it cripples the appeal of BR for me

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    15 minutes is typical. I tried it, didn't really like it. Not played any other Battle Royal games though so can't compare.

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    I really like the Socom-y 3rd person viewpoint/combat, but even better is the straight to aim-down-sight view upon pressing L2. For me it's hit a bit sweet spot with its streamlined approach. No messing about with attachments in menus, no building forts (I was so crap at that). Great fun.

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    Have to give this a blast. I hate fortnite though...

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    I enjoyed what played, no menu diving, just pick up and replace damaged or better armour, better bags allow any 4 weapons to be held, damage is high and it easy to get downed without armour on, vehicles are a laugh.

    Mostly played in fives mode after abit of combat training to get use the weapons, and thankfully it's not the hitscan rubbish of fortnite. There is plenty of jank, FPS nose diving with lag and busy areas and zero polish but i like it knowing if starta gun fight whee i have the clear advantage i know the opponent isn't going to turtle up behind instant walls.

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    Still playing, enjoying it more as pure shooter than Fortnite. One thing i think they need to do is lower the starting petrol to 25% or 50% and have you find fuel to top it up, the last spurt in the endgame is usually 5 idiots driving around in circles all day, at least in 5's mode a team can down a car in couple of mags.

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    Teamed up with a mate and set about doing some fives, mainly to ease him in to the combat as it gives you more breathing space at the start compared to solo or duos, and some really fun moments, mostly mishaps.

    Blue Brothers remade in H1Z1

    first 5's win, with jousting shotgun jeeps and then sweeping up solo with the scout rifle.


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