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    Game Collection Cataloguing App and Site

    Has anyone used an app and site to catalogue their game collection?

    I preferably want an app on my phone to scan barcodes for ease and for it to sync with a site so I can manage/access it on a desktop. There are some on the ios store that do it but I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for how they've done their collection.

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  3. #3 is what I'm after but it's 17 a year and while I'm happy to pay for a product, I don't want to pay 17 a year for the rest of my life. It has a stand alone desktop app which a barcode reader connects to but it means I can't browse my collection from my phone, only add to it.

    Quick test of collecrotrz ios app free trial - I tried the barcode scanner with four of my Japanese PS1 games. It recognised Aconcagua, Kamitachi no Yoru and Twilight Syndrome but didn't recognise Simple 1500 92 The RPG. That's a pretty decent hit rate for what I need.
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    i use VG Collection Tracker app on my phone, no PC version as i'm aware.

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    I got stuck into using collectorz yesterday. I paid 14 for the mobile app which gives you access to a web based viewer on PC. I can view my list but not edit it on PC which is fine.

    I barcode scanned 500+ games yesterday and only had a few that needed to be searched for manually or added new. Simple series games are very hit and miss and Japanese greatest hits versions of games often fail. Very easy to use and I blasted through most of my collection in a few hours. One shelf of PS2, all my non-Japanese 360 games and most of my OG Xbox left to do.

    Games that were added manually were missing their box art and some games had the wrong region's box art assigned. I started a 7 day trial of their web editor to fix them. The box arts can be searched for within the web editor and normally find something but if they don't you can upload your own. i won't continue the subscription service after because it's not worth it for me.

    One last thing, your game collection is stored on your phone and synced to their servers and purchasing the app on one device authorises your account so if you have multiple mobile devices or get a new one, you can just log back in and get all your data. I'm thinking of a new phone soon and making the switch to Android and I can still use the android app even though I bought it on iOS.

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    I looked into this a few years ago and found nothing 100% suitable. RetroCollect was PAL only. Gamefaqs has a pretty good system, but it couldn't handle multiple versions of the same title (e.g. US & JP copies of the same game) and was missing some Japanese titles I had. I ended up just using a Spreadsheet on Google Docs. It's free, it's on every platform I want and has all the info I need on it (I can live without boxart). Will be adding my hardware at some point too. I found loads of controllers and accessories I forgot I had the other day.

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    Yeah just Google Docs for me. You can design it all to your own spec and make it as simple or complicated as you want.

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    I use Backloggery ( It's technically a website to log games you own and haven't played/completed, but works as a cataloguing system too. It has none of the mobile features you're after unfortunately, but I like it, and a v2.0 is currently in the works.


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