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    What real life scenario reminds you of a classic retro game?

    Have you ever found yourself in a real life situation where you thought it felt like a classic retro game? It may sound like a stupid question but on occasion in everyday life I get that daft buzz. Best examples I can give are -

    Flying in to London in darkness always feels like the first stage of one of @Team Andromeda's faves, Soukygourentai.

    Any and every single time I drive through an orange lit tunnel in a sports car I'm immediately transformed to riiiiiiiiiiiiiidge raaaacer!

    This may well just be me.

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    When I clean up my huge mansion full of strange monsters after a huge bender, I’m always reminded of Jet Set Willy.

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    This is me packing the car for a family holiday:

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    Driving on an unlit motorway with bright cat's eyes always makes me think of this:

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    I visited Hout Bay earlier this year, which was *straight* out of an arcade racer.

    No, that's not me in the rear view mirror

    (also, flying into London at night for me is a mashup of the flight sim test thing from The Krypton Factor and the Eastenders intro)

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    When I was at Pismo Beach I took this picture and it reminded my of, well, Iím sure you can all guess which high score table:

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