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    I had to look this up today, after someone on my FB feed complained about the name sounding like Octopus.

    This is a JRPG?

    I haven't read any gaming mags or websites in ages, I'd only seen a few people online name dropping "Octopath Traveller" (without screens or context), which I instantly dismissed because it sounds like a sequel to Octodad.

    This is one of the worst English names for a game I've come across. The instant mental association, upon just seeing the name, is that it's some worthless garbage fluff casual 5 minute flash or mobile game with hideous art design. Like Octodad.

    Octopaaaaath - nobody suspects a thing

    Octopaaaaath - they've got a good thing goin'

    I mean, I suppose if you follow games religiously, or buy magazines, or visit news sites regularly, it's alright? But for anyone not heavily invested in games, the name by itself is truly awful.

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    I agree. It sounds like a mobile game.

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    It's called Octopath, 'cause there's 8 characters that all decide to go on a journey. The first letter in each characters name spell out Octopath too, so it seems they really like the name It used to be Project Octopath Traveler, before.

    Seems a lot of peeps don't really understand what the game is all about. The demo is great, it's the full game but with a 3 hours time limit attached. It takes about an hour to do the intro section for one character, so you can get a nice idea of how it plays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam View Post
    Seems a lot of peeps don't really understand what the game is all about
    Correct. I assumed it was a cheap mobile phone game.

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    Is it safe to delete the demo after you've picked the save file from it up in the main game?


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