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Thread: Super Mario Run

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    Super Mario Run

    This is so much fun! Too sleepy to write much now but I'm loving this. It plays really well, Mario feels great, and the game is well adapted for mobile.

    Some fiendish Star Coin placements too, which is great.

    How's everyone else finding it, and what are your usernames? I'm wakka.

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    I am ItsThere but have yet to shell out the money.

    Played 2 mins, its good but I think (from reading reviews) it gets a lot better after the free stuff. That seems like a bad move to me, surely putting the best content first encourages sales...

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    Haha, imagine if that were the case and the other 5 Worlds were significantly worse than the free World 1! That wouldn't be very fair.

    I honestly think the free content is loads of fun, I still haven't paid to upgrade but I will. After you collect all the pink Star Coins on a level, you unlock a set of 5 purple ones, with slightly more difficult placements. Grabbing all of those unlocks 5 black Star Coins, which are quite fiendish. After collecting those you've completed the level fully (but you don't need to get them to progress).

    The competitive Toad Rally is addictive too. The core gameplay just feels really solid to me.
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    It has been pretty much ruled out for me due to one of its quirks. It's not even the online-only thing. It's the fact that it's an in-app purchase. A one-off payment to play the game suits me perfectly but doing it this way rather than having the app pay to download means no family sharing. And more often than not, I play these games for a very short time and then chuck them on to my kids' device. But on iOS, you can do family sharing on the core apps themselves but not on in-app purchases. I only found that out when I got burned on Minecraft Story Mode which I actually bought for them but did it on my device because that's where the core account is.

    So no family sharing is a dealbreaker in my household. Probably not a deliberate thing on Nintendo's part because it's an Apple App Store issue but it's something not discussed in any articles I saw on the game.

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    I don't really understand the daily Toad mode at all. I can play it as much as I want (tickets permitting) so it doesn't feel very "daily" to me. That, and why choose someone good to play against when winning is so important? And what's the point of it in general? I just don't understand what it's for.

    The main mode is a bit annoying, like in all these games where you miss something you didn't know was there and have to start again and again and again which some people call "replay value" but it's a pretty cheap way of achieving it. Not sure I'll purchase this, based on the free content. It's an okay "Mario for mobile phones" but it doesn't feel like a good Mario game and since I don't need a Mario for my mobile phone I'll just stick to the ones that work better.

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    Yep it's definitely a game where you'll be continually restarting, trying to get that perfect run. That's the fun of it for me - a bit like Trials.

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    Nah, not like Trials. Trials doesn't surprise you with something that appears from offscreen which, by the time you see it, it's already impossible to obtain it because of an earlier "mistake" you didn't realise you were making.

    I replay in Trials because I want to get better. I replay in Mario Run because the game forces me to.

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    Yeah, I suppose that's true actually. Been a while since I've played Trials! You do need to run through the level a couple of times to learn the Star Coin placements. Then once you come back to it it's on you to remember where they are and line yourself up accordingly.

    Every time I post something I'm enthusiastic about on here I usually seem to be at odds with everyone else I am really enjoying this though.

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    We starting a high score thread? Been bashing 1-1. 225 my best so far on the pink coin level.

    Edit - 226
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    Haha, nah, looking at reviews it seems like I'm at odds with everyone else, you're okay!


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