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    The Last Guardian

    Finished this now and despite it being a bit janky in places camera and controls where a little bit off and took some getting used to, the amazing atmosphere, fantastic architecture, and amazing game world more than made up for it, as predicted trico was very likeble from start to finish and by the end your really wanting them both to escape their situation.

    moving into spoiler territory now got to thinking at how the three games are linked.

    So at the end of this you find a strange green glowing entity that the boy dubs the master of this place he seems to have control over the shadow people and is pulling the strings from his tower and his control stretches over the whole area. so pretty much the same power as the witch in ico has, same doors same shadow people same green magic stuff. both games have a story tied into sacrificing small boys and turning them into magic trico food and shadow people.

    this got me thinking on how its linked to shadow of the colossus well, in that your tasked with slaying 12 colossus to return this being in the temples power again, we see shadow people in the temple and the same green power that is released in the form of tendrils on slaying the colossus, and the colossus have the same green glowing parts like Tricos horns, the difference here is that the Titans are used as a form of imprisonment holding this entity's power and keeping it weak, he has no control over them like he did the tricos and they remain dormant until challenged.

    my theroy is that in all the games your fighting the same enemy we already know its an abstract being in shadow of the colossus and in the last guardian, and it shows how it can posses people and use there power as it dose to wander at the end of colossus so again that links nicely into the witch in Ico.

    timeline wise simply put
    this magical entity is first encountered at the end of the last guardian, and released, (it appears to be in very elaborate cage)
    in shadow you encounter him as a being trapped and stripped of his power and you help him gain his power back
    in Ico the being has gained power again and is seeking immortality by transferring itself to a perfect host

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    Great theory write up! Glad to hear someone else enjoyed the game too

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    I'm still early, finding it hard to get into it at the moment. Feels more like a homage greatest hits title than a true follow up.

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    Finished it myself last week, its the atmosphere, interaction between the Boy and Beast, the mid to late environment puzzles and yet again another great soundtrack(reminded of shawshank redemption) vs boring early hours, boy controls like crap, and stupid button prompts everywhere.

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    played the first hour or so last night, really enjoyed it so far

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    Finished this last week also, whilst I thought the camera in confined spaces, boy’s running and mounting / climbing Trico were all janky it was still an amazing experience.

    Found it weird that they would have prompts for actions all the way through the game and that they failed to tell you in the control options Pressing one of the L Buttons places the camera on Trico so you can get a more cinematic view of his movement, what’s that all about?!

    Finished in under 15 hours on my first play through, but still died umpteen times down to missing jumps / ledges and even Trico threw me off his back to my death when he jumped every now and again, that no deaths Trophy will be a pain!
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    Just bought a PS4 for this today - can't wait to get stuck in over the festive period

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    Just played the opening of this.

    Walking up to Trico when they're chained up and have swords sticking out of them; I've not felt this frightened approaching a character since Resident Evil and Tomb Raider.

    Brilliant characterisation, a refreshing lack of hand holding that seems to be more common in gaming now, stunning world design and all I'm thinking about is turning the PS4 on so I can get back to it. Brilliant start, the could take over my game of the year spot from Uncharted 4 but seeing as this is a Team Icon game, it's not a surprise.

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    I'm enjoying it and the game art direction and game world is just stunning, but man the AI is brain-dead: just trying to get TRIO to eat is a challenge its it's self The camera system is worst I've seen since the early days of 3D games . It seems all the team have done for the past 7 years is work on graphics and sound and to hell with the camera system and AI .

    I don't think its as good as ICO or SOC myself, but its still utterly charming and wonderfull all the same

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    Replying without reading any impressions.... the lack of popularity in this thread I think stems from people hoping this is under the tree waiting. Like me!


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