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Thread: Dead Rising 4

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    Dead Rising 4

    Figured it's time a thread started for this, Capcom's latest attempt to make the Dead Rising franchise break out of its niche and into the mainstream. I'm working my way through the Windows 10 version of the game and it's been fairly solid so far. As with most of the Windows 10 games put out it has multiple setting options but mostly runs like it would on Xbox One bar the ability to drive up the settings. I've had it running to have a frame limit of 60fps which I don't think it holds at as quieter indoor areas are noticeably smoother but I think it's running comfortably higher than 30fps no matter how much is going on and hasn't had any major dips despite also being run at 4K resolution.

    So, it's Christmas time and Frank West finds himself drawn back into Willamette, the setting of the original game, where a new outbreak has occurred on the opening day of the new Memorial Mall. This time though you get to roam all of the town as the game builds on the more open world approach of Dead Rising 3. DR3 proves to be an important cornerstone for the new game as DR4 is very much a crowdpleaser project. It borders on coming across like a big fan teaser expansion pack for DR3 as much of the approach is the same but with a big emphasis on simplification.

    -The timer is gone
    -Zombies do much less damage
    -Vehicles are more durable
    -Psycho's have been replaced by Maniacs who are effectively themed normal enemies with a bit more health
    -Weapon/Vehicle modification just requires you to hold B
    -Survivors just need enemies to be killed off around them, no escorting etc

    The game has seven cases (0-6) and without all the restrictions the series is known for it speeds up the play time with a standard run through in 7 or so hours looking to be the expected time. What you make of those changes depends on your view of the past games, if you adored them then DR4 is likely to come across as dumbed down. If they wound you up and put you off then DR4 is a lovely tonic that lets you just enjoy the zombie mashing gameplay at your own pace. I'm in the latter camp so I'm enjoying this entry the most in the series. It's very, very similar to DR3 but Frank is handled really well and the Xmas setting is nice and not overdone. Combat is still a bit clunky and vehicles still handle poorly but whilst the game doesn't offer anything new (and Capcom seem to be running out of ideas of what to do with it) it's so far been just nice laid back, non-too serious fun.

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    Got a few more hours done last night and now early in Case 5 of 6 so the homestretch beckons. I don't feel any pull to do the side stuff like saving survivors etc as the gameplay is the same as the main bulk of the game anyway. Still enjoying it though and there are no curveballs by the looks so it's really as simple as whether Dead Rising: Easy Mode appeals to you or not

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    I've been enjoying it as I was never a fan of the limited timed missions.Simple zombie bashing fun

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    Played a lot of this over Christmas, which was perfect with the DLC and Christmas theme. Graphics seems to have taken a hit, but the gameplay is a lot better than the previous versions.

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    I preferred the relaxed time-frame in DR3 over the first two so I'm sure I'll enjoy this one (just ordered today from shopto for 26.86 ... seems full price on the high st still). I always tend to re-do the first couple of hours in this series to grind a few levels so that will be my plan with this. It shall be my portal back into Christmas

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    Finished it just now and enjoyed it equally from start to finish, solid little mindless mash em up

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    It's a shame the Xbox one version looks so bad. Thought I was playing a 480p original Xbox game at times lol. Few nasty bugs in it too.

    Fun game though.

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    Are DR3 and 4 co-op?
    I have some amazing laughs working though DR2: OtR with K0pp0.

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    DR3 is 2 player co-op, that's the entire story mode/map in co-op.
    DR3 DLC - super ultra dead rising 3 arcade remix hyper edition ex plus alpha is 4 player co-op, timed rounds.
    DR4 is 4 player co-op but it's a separate multiplayer mode, you get specific missions to do per day with a tough boss encounter if you complete them all. Only survived til middle of day 2.
    It's not a bad mode but I did prefer DR3 and being able to co-op the story mode.

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    It's a shame they removed the story mode co-op. I started this yesterday and its great fun, had a go on the co-op and once I had started I couldn't stop, even though I am not sure why.

    Great casual game need to check out what the season pass is going to be will most likely pick it up.


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