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    The video port on my DC seems to have packed up. I thought I had a spare, but can't find it. Which is the best emu at the mo? Still nullDC?

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    The user experience for the WiiU; specifcally using it infrequently.

    It just feels that every time you switch the thing on, you've got to sort out 37 problems.

    First you find out the GamePad isn't charged, so you plug that in. Then you switch it on, and it's not connecting to the USB hard drive you need to actually get any real use out of the thing. Then you have to look for the Wiimotes/nunchuks. One of them probably has leaking batteries and you need to clean that up before you bother, because they're not just chargeable by default like any joypad really should be. It'll probably have an update to download when I do switch it on.

    Before you know it an hour has passed and you're still not playing on the machine you own for the express purpose of being able to switch it on and play games immediately.

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    So, it seems our USB hard-drive we were using with the WiiU has died (due to DEADLY INACTIVITY), which, in a show of staggering ****e design, has cost us our savedata (it seems for some reason the machine put that on the drive, instead of the internal 8gb).

    This is just as we're thinking of buying the Switch. Are we going to spend 70 on a new HDD for the WiiU? We can't even play some of our games because there's this weird mix of where data is located (on the machine and the corrupted HDD), so Mario Kart 8 is out too.

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    Having two of the ****tiest weeks right now. Didn't get paid, new pc I built is ****ed (motherboard or cpu I have no way of telling), had a test I didn't know about mid week, 2x girl related bull****, (one could have resulted in me getting ran the **** over), and my mp3 just broke.

    'Well, at least you've got your health'. I've had like 6 ops in 3 years so never come at me with that.

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    Well, at least you still have a full head of hair, judging by your avatar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dvdx2 View Post
    The reset issue can be fixed in 5 mins and lasts for months on an old unit and the ports can blow a fuse if you force a controller in whilst the power is on. Loudness depends on the unit. I've had one that screams like a banshee and another which is nice and quiet!
    Oh I know the issues, fixed several DC's with a reset issue (Cleaning the prongs of a certain chip with cotton wool buds) but never replaced fuses myself.

    The DC was a great but brittle machine which I owned on UK launch day and have owned around 4 machines in total, all of them dying through various issues.
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    I soldered the power supply directly to the motherboard multiple times on Dreamcast systems that I have owned. Reset issue is ridiculous.

    DC is fairly easy hardware to work with, but it does tend to have a bunch of small niggles. The general noise from the GD-ROM and fan is just RNG though, as dvdx2 says.

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    Angels get a bad rep. Friend got in a serious looking car accident and walked away from A&E with a broken bone and sore neck. Everyone is saying angels were watching over her that night. Rubbish angels then. So I'd hazard a guess they weren't, otherwise she'd not have been in a huge accident.

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    The literal parade of people who had to go past my apartment while I was sleeping proclaiming their love for @Jebus. I was surprised they even knew him.

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    The heat. I know, everyone loves it blah, blah, blah, but summer can go and get ****ed as far as I'm concerned.


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