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    Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

    Freebie with this month's GWG, this is superb. You could probably play it on your own, but I've been playing it with my son and his friend co-op for an hour (same room, not online - unsure if online is available - kids are playing Rocket League now so can't check).

    It's a 2D spaceship game - the ship is giant and you control the ship and the shield and the various gun turrets, map room, rockets, etc. via pods inside the ship - you literally have to run around inside the ship, changing positions depending on what direction things are attacking from. All the controls are slightly different in style so you have to switch your thinking with each role. Very cool.

    Presentation is super cute and had us laughing quite a lot.

    Get it now.

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    Played a bit of it, loved it. Really hope they do a Nintendo Switch version; perfect game for 2-player on-the-go.

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    Daughter is now home, so there are now 4 of us shouting at each other. I expect fists soon.

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    i posted about this in the gwg thread loving it, you really do have to have some old school communication going on to work effectively as a team, lots of "right im gonna go man the shield you get the left gun" and "right im gonna take us down the map so position the shield and use the bottom gun"

    who would have thought piloting ship around 2d levels, rescuing space bunnys that fire rainbows to open love heart shaped space portals would be so fun.

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    Convinced the waifu to co-op with me and she actually enjoyed it, the cute characters helped no end of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kryss View Post
    Convinced the waifu
    Can't have been easy co-opping with a body pillow.

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    Free on PS+ this month. Played it yesterday coop with my lad and we were squealing and giggling like little girls. Wonderful game for couch coop, awesome character design and music too and despite the premise and the cuteness manages not to be off-puttingly saccharine and twee, like Media Molecule games. Beat first boss, going to pile back in today.

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    I downloaded it when it was on Gold for Xbox, haven't had a chance to try it yet. Might rope my brother into co-op heh.


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