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Thread: Sniper elite 4

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    Sniper elite 4

    Currently playing this on PS4 Pro which the game has been optimised for.Graphics are quite vibrant and the frame rate seems to be mostly smooth.The campaign takes place in Italy 1943.So there's lots of coloured houses and barns to check out for hidden intel and ammo.I'm on the second level and the first took me around 1hr 30mins to complete.As with Sniper elite 3,there are multiple routes to take as well as primary and secondary missions to complete.There star of the show is still the bullet cam kills,which are always a pleasure to execute and watch.Overall slightly more refined then 3,looks good on the Pro,great sound and gameplay.Fans of the series won't be disappointed and anybody who hasn't played Sniper elite and is looking for a solid stealth shooter,then look no further
    Enhancements for the Pro are better frame rate,improved lighting,increased draw distances,better shadows/reflections and faster loading times.
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    I was faltering on getting this as I didn't think as fondly of SE3 as much as the first two but the reviews for this one have been surprisingly strong. Should be here shortly

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    I've picked it up on preorder but probably won't get to play it for a few week's. Loved the last one so great to see this getting decent reviews.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nonny View Post
    Loved the last one
    You should enjoy this one then
    Really enjoying it.

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    Fab fun game, that looks really nice thanks to its new setting and some nice shading effects . the Sound effects are awesome.

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    I tell you this has some of the best 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound yet, when you shot them and see the insides, its sounds stunning.

    a really nice surprise how good it is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arcnas View Post
    I tell you this has some of the 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound yet, when you shot them and see the insides, its sounds stunning.

    a really nice surprise how good it is.
    Yeah It's bone crushing, love the sounds when you hear bullets hitting the Helmets too. This game really is a Brtish success story, Made developed and published inthe UK . Well done Rebellion you made a game that above all else is fun to play

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    i quite enjoyed the third one for a bit but found the slowmo gimick got old quickly, Have they addressed the objectives in this? the last game had objectives that went against the whole stealth aspect. One mission tasked you with Disabling all the trucks in an area the only way to do this was to shoot the engine or gas tank which would cause the truck to explode like it was made of dynamite and the enemy's to come rushing in from all around, you had to do this a number of times too.

    something really simple like sand in the petrol tank a spanner in the engine or crawling underneath to cut the fuel lines would have been more in keeping with the whole stealth scenario. Timed bombs would have been cool too, set up three trucks then retreat. They could even work it into the mission once all the bombs are set you've got 10 minutes to finish your objectives before all hell breaks loose, finish before and you stroll away into the night with explosions going off everywhere fail and your mission is now harder to achieve. as the guards are in a constant heighten state of alert.

    This will be one to pick up when things get a bit slow i reckon though, as the third one was fun

    it crashed in price super quick though and with all the stuff out soon i dont see its chances of doing great.
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    Just finished the third campaign,fun stuff indeed

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    Started this up last night and it seems like it's going to be another solid entry. If the whole game follows the same set up then the game feels like a step towards an end goal in design rather than an arrival. Out of pure personal preference I prefer the linear design of the second game but on the opposite side I'm preferring this to the third game.

    The open plan levels are decent though the stealth mechanics don't go far enough to really make the most of the potential, it's mostly the same action as the previous games dropped into more open spaces. I'm definitely going to enjoy the full 7-8 hours it'll take to finish the game.


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