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  1. #41
    Yeah, I did plenty lurking in bushes (oo-er) to sneak up on machines or recovery health etc on the Emu-style machines but I've seen vids of people firing two arrows into the eyes of a T-Rex machine before sliding between its legs, pivoting then leaping into the air and firing a third into its chest so approach is pretty open in encounters

  2. #42
    If there was more stealth, I'd have quit.

    But, i does have it's uses, especially in lower levels against badies. I felt like a tank towards the end though.

  3. #43
    I've given this a good rattling now and its tomb raider and the witcher 3 rolled into one, but original enough to hold its own. Probably the best looking console game I've played.

  4. #44
    It is gorgeous. I watched a friend playing it at the weekend and I couldn't take my eyes off it. Pretty enough to warrant an eventual purchase in a few months I reckon.

  5. #45
    Does it get much of a detail/res/frame rate boost on a pro over normal console?

  6. #46
    It looks utterly stunning via the pro and worth the upgrade if you have a large 4K display

    Resisting until Zelda is done though but does make It look a tad 3ds quality

    Always appreciate a good few to fall into once I complete a magical journey

  7. #47
    7/10 for me, amazing graphics and solid gameplay mechanics i just felt the missions could have been a bit more varied and i didn't care for much other than the main story.

    Couid have done with a few more meaningful sidemissions/subplots.

    Looking forward to seeing what they do next with the series.

  8. #48
    I started this but then Zelda happened and it got shelved, i don't know if it was the break but it took a good while for me to click again with it and i nearly didn't bother. But i feel involved with the story again and am enjoying being in the world. I've finally started to get some massive Dino's to take down now too and they really do give you that epic battle feeling where your constantly on the edge of success and failure.

    Enjoying the story but would rather not have to fight so many humans the first area has far to many human focused battles its like the transformers films instance on focusing on the humans over the robots, when all people really want is to see more of the big robots, Thankfully I'm finding more robots and a some nice loot based gameplay that rewards you for taking on the bigger bots.

  9. #49
    Same here with Zelda. Only began myself this week and feel this will drag me into late nights. The graphics after Zelda are simply sublime

  10. #50
    Just started playing this over a few evenings and I'm really enjoying it. Combat and strategic options with the machines are excellent, it has a limited but enjoyable range of customizations/weapons etc. (very much a slick RPG-lite which suits my tastes as I don't care to be staring at laggy menu screens too much, e.g. Witcher 3), the world is gorgeous, and it doesn't go overboard on the collectibles and side quests. It's also an intriguing and mysterious yarn that I'm enjoying much more than I thought I would, although it's clearly pitched with its script and characters at the American teen-angsty serial kind of audience. Kind of like Beverley Hills 90210 with robot dinosaurs and lots of 'honour' - which is fine (it's rated 16, after all). Still, the narrative conceit that's allowed them to combine 'ancient' with 'future' tech is neatly done. The machines and their interlocking ecologies and AI behaviours are the real stars, though, and make for some terrific combinations of combat/trapping scenarios to puzzle out. The way they mix up the AI reminds me a bit of the excellent Melbourne House Transformers game on PS2. I'm playing on Hard and the challenge seems perfect. Best new IP I've played in a very long time.
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