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    Zelda Breath Of The Wild Switch/Wii U

    Well the masterpiece has landed and for me,link's finest adventure.With the launch of the Switch today comes probably one of the best candidates for Game Of The Year already.BOTW is superb.Graphics are great and the sound effects are brill.Great touches like grass and flowers blowing in the wind as well as leaves fluttering around in a mini tornado.
    BOTW gameplay is exceptional.This does not hold your hand but asks the game player to think out of the box.Link has limited energy and stamina but these can be increased by completing dungeons and unlocking the spirit orbs.The main story quests beckons but you WILL get side tracked into exploring outside the story.Very often the game will reward you for your exploration,this proves a major addiction.
    Five years in the making to produce an absolute classic,link is back in his finest moment to date

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    I haven't been this hyped for a Zelda since Wind Waker

    Lesson learned.

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    I actually haven't been hyped at all for this but since I love Zelda I had to get it and nothing else on the Switch is of immediate interest, so... After running around for a few minutes I felt like I was touched by magic. Little details here with the sounds of the wilderness and butterflies flapping in front of you makes me feel that this is something special, a real work of love. Did the first little trial thing and it was a lot of fun. Running around is a joy. Haven't been this enamored with an open world game ever. And I haven't even played an hour of it yet...

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    Not a massivse Zelda veteran here, played fair chunks of LTTP and WW but this is already a dream. Love the little flourishes and attention to detail...havnt hit anything i cant get around a across, you know those reality breakers in games, its all seemless.

    In the first pond of water the Wii U was struggling big time mustve sunk to 15fps proper stuttery but overall very impressive.

    Playing this on Wii U can you tell this was meant to have gamepad features at one point the tablet is blait the wii u pad and imagine the telescope functions wouldve been on the 2nd screen.
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    First impressions of the game and immediately was hit by the visuals in that on first inspection I didn't think they were that good. Now, I know that feels like I'm throwing a controversy grenade into the topic but it's not a heavy criticism at all. The open world does have multiple small details which are nice and it holds up fine, but there are less impressive aspects too. In TV mode I'm finding the lack of AA a distraction, it seems the same in my other NS title too so it's quite possibly more the system than the game but it's something Nintendo needs to address as it weakens the impression it gives. It's cel-shaded visuals seem to vary from nice to bland, like the game isn't quite as full on with the look as Wind Waker was so it doesn't land quite impressively.

    Now, it seems like a debbie downer post but this isn't. See, in handheld mode the portable screen cleans the picture up remarkably well and whilst the colours look a bit more washed out it improves the picture quality loads. The most important factor though is that from the outset it's clear that Nintendo has made multiple key big changes to Zelda's structure and the way the game unfolds and it makes a huge difference. Immediately it feels like it's been dragged up to date and first impressions for me are much more positive than they were for Twilight or particularly Skyward.

    There is a massive amount of game to go for it to rule over my initial concerns so I'm not worried, just that my first impressions weren't fully glowing. Pro Controller all the way too.

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    Two things stick out for me after a few hours.

    See it? You can go there? How? You figure it out. No set paths. No guide arrow.

    The other, the cooking jingle is my favourite new thing. I want it on my phone.

    This is epic.

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    5 hours played so far. It's good. It's really good. It feels like it's got slivers of DNA from all over - MGS5, Assassin's Creed, Minecraft. But it's totally unique in that it feels so organic to play, rejecting the map marker forests and lengthy to do lists that have become endemic in open worlds. Instead it feels like it really rewards imagination. You do something, half expecting it not to work, and it does.

    No waypoints, no glowing arrows, no distance countdowns. It's a massive gulp of fresh air and I'm absolutely loving it.

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    I finally got to play it last night and have to echo all the positivity. There were so many times I got distracted and went off in a different direction to the one I was going ... the game offering up genuine 'what if I try this' moments. But these moments would be nothing without the little touches everywhere: the atmospherics, the cooking (I felt like Frodo at Farmer Maggot's farm cooking up mushrooms ) ... actually, it does have a story book come to life feel. Hard to describe but the game just captures a vibe. It's beautiful and I've barely scratched the surface. Every other game is now on the back burner.

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    I can't even begin to put this game into words.


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