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    NieR Automata - PS4/PC

    I've been squeezing as much time on this as I can this week, even shunning the Switch this weekend in favour of it.

    Despite the makeover and infinitely slicker action, it's still very much NieR - the plot's hitting lots of interesting notes, there's even more dabbling in different genres (the shmup love is veeeery strong), and the way the game's laid out with lots of sub-quests, different areas and a hub world in between them is very familiar too. But to get back to the action side of things: wow. It's not as combo-heavy as other Platinum games, likely on account of how badly that would break an RPG, but it's still plenty rewarding. Being able to customise your plug-in chips, pod weapons, and so on all makes for a decent amount of depth in setup, and the way everything controls is just lovely.

    I've finished my first run through, and will avoid saying more, but I have had some lumps in my throat, and am totally pumped to go through again.

  2. #2
    Nice impressions. After I'm done with Zelda, it'll be a toss up between this and Nioh.

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    I think that's me done. Bloody hell.

    Someone else finish this and get down the pub with me to talk about it, please.

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    This is going to be such a project having read into the

    four campaigns

    aspect of the game.

    Thanks to a busy weekend I've only had time to do the opening of this (so spoiled by Zeldas save system) but immediately it's a different beast to the original game. I wouldn't say it's a visual treat but it's nice enough, the first impressions of how it plays are stronger than the original too. Platinum has made much more diverse and complex battle systems before but it has their fingerprints over it and there's no slow or clunky strikes here. Within the first 15 minutes I think the gameplay had straddled four sub-genres and a boss. I need to wade in more deeply to get a firm idea of where it's going but first impressions are good.

    I'm on the PC version as well, optimisation is a bit all over the place. You don't have loads of options but what you choose affects how it runs in various ways. Resolution is the biggest one.

    Shadows, lighting etc can be toggled but don't seem to affect framerates much. I set everything to 4K and it wobbled between 20-32fps rapidly depending what was going on with some pacing issues. I toggled options as there's nothing at all about it that should prevent higher framerates at 4K as it's not a visually taxing game but got nowhere. I knocked the resolution down to I think 1440p and it looked barely any different from native 4K but rocketed up to flawless 60fps with everything maxed so seems easier just to jump in there.

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    I was despairing about how quiet this thread had been, so bless you for making an appearance.

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    I did expect people to be all over this but I guess Zelda etc are proving too much of a distraction. Gonna try and stay up tonight and press on. Though games like this are quite long I'm hoping

    each of the four campaigns doesn't run too long

    as I've only got a few weeks left till SFJr2 arrives and my gaming time vanishes

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    Playing this on PS4, a friend convinced me to buy it as I wasn't sold on it from the demo. Really impressed with it though, the combat is awesome and the way you attach all your add on upgrades is really neat. Only issue I've had is occasionally ending up in areas that are too high level. Glad I bought it.

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    As soon as i finish yakuza 0 I'll be all over this, while wearing the Emil tshirt.

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    I just started this (on PS4) and the settings and control menus are all glitched and unreadable Quick search on the net and it seems I'm not the only one experiencing it. Hope SE are on the case with a fix as I won't be playing until I can invert that camera.

    Question: if playing on a PS4 Pro are there any Pro-specific display options or does it simply detect the Pro and give you some basic benefits automatically?

    EDIT: just deleted the game and started without patch 1.04 and the menus are fine. I've changed the camera in settings so maybe I'll install the patch next time I play ... just hope that text glitch doesn't affect the game beyond the basic menus.
    Last edited by Atticus; 24-04-2017 at 08:51 PM.

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    I had zero problems playing on a Pro with the latest patches. Probably Taro punishing you for inverting the controls

    Also finished the 3rd route at the weekend with one of the 2 characters left at the end, will go back using chapter select which opens up and see the other ending.. think i'll youtube the save delete one incase any decent DLC turns up.

    As for the game, loved every minute of it bar the logic virus bit (you'll know when you get there). Got punched down into the water cave and couldn't get back out , still it was a extra bad ending gotten. It got very Nier heavy at the end, so knowing how that story plays out makes the ending better (at least for me).


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