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    Playerunknown's BATTLEGROUNDS

    PC only at the moment but I got this based on the immense amount of hype being generated by the Youtube community - much in the same way as DayZ initially.

    For those who don't know, this is a Battle Royale game which is in early access. Must admit this has a lot of promise *if* they sort out some issues and continue to develop it. The mechanics are there. It is, like many BR games, frustrating as hell and patience and tactics are so important.

    The game starts with about 100 players flown over a smallish (at the moment) single island. You can chose to jump when it suits but there are risks and rewards with a military base chock full of weapons being a popular choice. I am much more of a lurker so normally jump to a quiet spot and scavenge weapons from quieter areas. The shooting range at the top of the map or the docks are great. Then I normally make my way to as centre of the play zone and hide, waiting for the playzone to constrict - never engaging unless I know I am going to win. Best finish so far is 4th but this game is extremely unforgiving as you expect and it really build the tension. Once you die that's it but the good thing is, joining a new game is easy and quick.

    You can play in modes with teams of 2 or 4 as well but my mates haven't got this yet.

    Some obvious stuff needs to be done still:

    • Better performance optimisation (I run a i7 7700k with a GTX1080 and it gives about 75fps);
    • Clipping issues and jumping needs improving;
    • More maps;
    • I would like to see animation improved. Just feels a bit like Dayz; and
    • I would like a first person only mode as the third person allows you to see over walls or behind trees which is not realistic.

    Aside from these - this is shaping up to be an excellent game.

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    I've watched some streams on this recently. To be brutally honest I cant see any real reason to play this over H1Z1. Yeah it has some more interesting gameplay options (I.e. Guns and vehicles, oh and weather effect) otherwise its practically a carbon copy.

    If it gets pushed further and quicker than H1Z1 then I might switch to it at some point buy as it currently stands I cant see any reason for this to be THE battle royale game to play in its current form.

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    A month in and this, in duo or squad play is amazing and tense. My mate plays H1Z1 KOTH and he thinks this is much much better.

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    Played a little bit of this. It seems really camper heavy. 9 times out of 10 if I die, it's because I'm walking around somewhere and don't see where the enemy is.Likewise you can just stand in a bush or above a flight of stairs or something and kill everyone who is stupid enough to move . All about speed and positioning I guess. Haven't tried squad play yet though so I guess that will be alot different.

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    So what is this like? Some Day-Z sort of thing?

    EDIT: I should clarify, I mean the answer to the above is obviously "yes" but I suppose what I mean is, is it an FPS? A third-person game? etc.
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    It's a battle royale type game, same as DayZ and H1Z1. 100 players drop in by parachute to random places on an island, a huge one, and then get told by the game to get to a certain area of the map or the electric field will kill you. This area of the map gets smaller and smaller as the game plays out, forcing all 100 players together into combat. Last man standing wins

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    It requires a mix of tactics, skill, patience, brinkmanship and luck in single player. In duo or squad, you can do pretty well through good tactics and teamwork - watching for enemy as a team and popping smokes to heal/revive etc.

    I have finished in the top 5 several times in solo, top 10 about 4 times in duo but won 1 game in a 3-man squad. We meant mental after winning. It was really intense.

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    I'm surprised there aren't more people playing this game! It's all my friends and I can talk about right now. Gaming hasn't been high on my priorities lately but this has brought me right back into it at a scarily addictive level.

    I still haven't managed to get a win though after an embarrassingly high amount of hours put into it. Four #2 finishes though, including one on my own in squads which was incredibly intense at the end when I was in a showdown with the last two survivors and thought my time was finally here for the win!

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    Absolutely. Most of my gaming clan has been ignoring Counter-strike to play this. I have had about 5 wins - in squads or duos.

    Fantastic game. Not sure how this will translate to XBOne (it is not coming to PS4 anytime soon as MS have got the exclusivity). It is still very unoptimised on PC.

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    Someone needs to collar Microsoft and explain to them what an "exclusive" is supposed to be about.

    It gains them no favour in the eyes of the public, buying the rights to a game that already exists and has loads of players on PC. This is Tomb Raider all over again.

    An exclusive title needs to be funded by the platform holder before it comes to fruition. Doing so afterward just feels like ponying up some cash to stop the game being available to competitors.


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