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    Super Bomberman R [Switch]

    Slightly ashamed to be starting this given the high price of entry but I wanted a multiplayer Bman game so there you go.

    First impressions were not good. Slippery controls and odd style choices make it hard to see what is going on.

    I stopped playing it after 20 minutes.

    I started again last night after a week or so and, given some time to get accustomed to it, it really isn't that bad.

    Multiplayer is fun with mates (not tried online yet). It's Bomberman.

    Story mode is odd, Konami have seemingly been playing a lot of Dark Souls because the bosses are Rock Solid.

    You have to play through story to get a reasonable amount of credits to unlock new multiplayer arenas. Call it incentive or call it adding longevity. I had to knock it down to Beginner to actually get through it. It is paying off though and I'm finding I had forgotten how to bomb, man. Getting easier but each world boss is still a huge difficulty spike.

    I wonder if anyone else will own up to buying!

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    I love Bomberman and would've probably picked this up had it been sensibly priced. Base are selling it for 38.85 here but even that's too rich for me.

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    I had it at launch but like you've mentioned,the slippery controls along with that horrible camera angle done it for me.
    Was hoping Konami would have patched the camera angle and tightened the controls.Sold it less than a week into the launch

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    Been playing some online multiplayer and it is MUCH better than the single player. Had no issues finding a game, only at the beginner lobbies at the moment but it actually makes me wish that the Switch had 4G in it for total on the go online.

    Perhaps still not worth the cost of entry but it is at least proper Bomberman in battle / online mode.
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    Any more impressions guys? Did the update help with the controls and camera angle etc. Thanks.

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    been struggling to find online battles recently, games already died a quick death online

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    Wait until it drops in a sale.


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